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July 16, 2006



Wish I had a ticket to Pittsburgh, that looks divine! I'd be with you on a little bit brown on the dough! Yum.


Your pizza looks delicious and what a bargain. I wish I had a pizza place that was that good.


I imagine if you asked them to cook your pizza a bit longer they would. I'm one of those people who think bread isn't done until the crust has gone almost burnt and I don't mind a burnt edge here and there. I can't get over the prices..fantastic.


I just finished eating delivery pizza when I read this post; wish I had some of this instead (although fava bean pizza from Amier's isn't too bad). With my kitchen work going on I'll be eating out a lot in the next 2 weeks so maybe I'll get out there!

food delivery philippines

Oh my!!! i feel so hungry,i loved pizza i don't mind how long you been cook pizza, all my concern i want to go to Roberto's place. Thank you for blogging this,keep up the good work.


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