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July 22, 2006



I love old cookbooks. I was particularly interested in the Gastronomy of Alsace, since my family comes from Strausbourg. Sadly, the Gastronomy of the Family died out with my Great-Grandmother.


I remember that book, although I had the paperback edition. You're right, those line drawings are most charming.

It's always interesting to read through old cookbooks to see which recipes stand the test of time, and this one clearly does. Sounds delicious.


Oh, my yes. Can you believe there are people who don't understand our interest in what they cooked in the past? I'm always surprised to find recipes that have become classics. I love going through old cookbooks in shops and finding the notes, letters and pictures that have been stuck into them!


steven-There really are not a lot of cookbooks that concentrate on the area. I'm kind of excited about it. There are a bunch of things I want to try-you'll probably see them here soon.
julie-I love the scratchboard thing.I stopped in an art supply store and discovered that you can now buy scratchboard in various sizes, already made-I got some small ones and have been playing around, using an exacto knife for a scraper.
tanna-I know, so cool -artifacts inside.This one had -in the turkey section-clippings with more on "your roast turkey" tucked in, and some penciled notes. My Gerard's Herbal has handwritten notes from somebody working on witchy spells!


Scratchboard! That is as retro as prawn cocktail.
ThereĀ“s nothing like old cookbooks. I love photographs, but find that illustrations travel better in time.Biased? very likely.


Love the cookbook and love that recipe!

Baking Soda

You know I love old cookbooks! And the shrimp mornay is a revival dish. The red inside of the cover is just charming.


Try this


Was searching all over for prawn mornay.... had to make some adjustments as I am living in Japan - but worked out very fine.

Thanks for posting it!

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