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July 05, 2006



Wow. I love the colors and textures in your picture. And although I am one of those floral taste skeptics I would really love a few spoonfuls of that.

Suzanne Vancil

My best friend, Tanna, recommended your site and I am enjoying it very much!! The rose touch to your ice creanm seems so subtly sensuous. This past week was my Dad's 86th birthday and it reminded me of the days when we made homemade vanilla ice cream with red cake! Both he and Mom are in a nursing home with Alzheimer's /dementia. But Tanna and I had a great road trip and visited them recentlty! It was pure magic. I will visit often.


What a lovely, lovely idea!


I'm glad you're liking the book. I find it endlessly inspiring! Yum to the ice cream!


On my monitor the ice cream is showing up as the palest of pinks which is just beautiful. I also like the cup and saucer you're serving it in.

All in all, it makes a very pretty picture, and the very name Rose Geranium Ice Cream is wonderfully exotic and old-fashioned.


mzn; thank you. I'm not sure how much of my fondness for this is due to the cream, but I do really like it.
suzanne: is the red cake a sort of devil's food?
jennifer:thank you. I'm getting to be a regular flower-eater!
ann-love the book-thanks for the recommendation
julie: actually, it is a very pale pink. I didn't want to make the rose jam taste over-powering, so I left it at that. I think I like it not too pink

Noel Smith

That ice cream looks great, something like that is what I've been wanting to try next. A couple weeks ago I made Lemon Verbena and Lavender ice cream, it didn't have such a nice color, but it tasted absolutely wonderful!

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