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July 03, 2006



Yum! I've always wanted to try a squished bird. They always look so crispy and good.



I think you had me at "a high proportion of fabulous exterior crispiness to very juicy tender insides." Good lord, that sounds delicious!


I've just been getting to know 'Please to the Table' over the last few days. This recipe is definitely going on the list!


I'm with you all the way on the game hen, I'm not sure about the sour plum sauce, but if you say it's good, I'd better try it. I'm going to try to find an online source for a jar of it.


Just the way a squished bird should be: exterior crisp, inside tender!!!


eg, julie, tanna: In addition to being really good, the squish-cooking thing is seriously fun.I especially liked the pounding on the bird part.
melissa-Like her spanish book, which I came upon first, it is just loaded with ideas. I couldn't believe it was under $13 on Amazon.
Serious bargain. Have fun.
steven-Clever fellow.. For some reason (say, intermittant stone dumbness attacks), it hadn't occured to me that I might be able to buy this sauce ready made. I'll be interested to hear if it's good.


Cornish Game Hens? Never heard of them.
Ah, June, that would be because they are from Cornwall, Connecticut, USA.
I'll let them know in Cornwall. And I like the idea of squishing with a brick - muscular cooking.


Lindy, I haven't been able to find an online source, so I propose we find some plum trees and go into business.LOL


June: They are really just baby chickens, I think. And they are farm raised- not game birds at all. I believe they are just a particular breed of chicken (Rock Cornish) with some bit of game bird- partridges or something- in their dna.
steven-I don't know about the business part. I'd love to find some plum trees, though, I'm a plumaholic, and have always wanted a tree of my own!


Oh my. OH MY. Wow. Gosh I feel like a slug in the kitchen compared to you. : )


I made this last night but it didn't turn out crispy. Was I supposed to put the skin-side down first? The skin stuck to the pan and came off the chicken. But regardless, the chicken was SO GOOD. I put some June Taylor Mariposa plum preserves on the side. I'll be making this again soon.


cat- I did do the skin side first, which is probably a good idea for unstickiness-, as it is before any of the butter is soaked up...but I still don't think it should have stuck. Did you use a well seasoned cast iron pan and all the butter? Shame to miss the crispiness, glad you liked it anyway.


Ah! good, I'll do it that way next time. I think the problem was that after doing the first side, there was a ton of extra liquid in the butter, so it didn't really fry the skin at all. I will report back after the next attempt :)


second time 'round, i think my problem is the heat -- i turned up the heat one notch this time, which browned the skin much better, but still not crispy! this is my first apartment with an electric range, and I don't at all understand the heat levels. so round three i suppose will be perfect! i also think my pan is a little deficient -- it's a really old le creuset which has a "nonstick" coating inside which is not really nonstick and not as good as a seasoned pan. regardless, i love this cooking method. thanks lindy!

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