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August 28, 2006



This whole thing sounds perfectly wonderful -- a sort of sophisticated variation on chocolate covered cherries.


You wish it were prettier? But it looks great in the photo! I love these chocolate and fruit tarts. It's decided now -- I must buy a square tart pan.


I think chocolate and cherries are a brilliant combination, and I love the way you garnished the plate with the syrup, also love the square tart pan. I'm definitely bookmarking the chocolate crust recipe, too, as it sounds easy to handle and really versatile (also delicious!).


1) That sounds delicious
2) I think it's very pretty
3) You could always drizzle tempered chocolate over the top to make even prettier - or serve with a chocolate-covered cherry
4) Ooh, or cherry ice cream
5) The chocolate tart filling I use as a standard is chocolate frangipan. I'm wondering how this tart would be if you replaced a good portion of the flour with almond meal. I love cherry and almond together.


julie-that's it exactly, and it feels wicked in a similar way
cari-thank you! Even with the little craters? I love the pan-next up, something savory in there, maybe to take in wedges for lunch?
rebecca-I am really keen on this crust recipe. Chilled, it tastes like it's very thin brownies-really rich-which is why I think it would be a good match with a less rich filling, though I love this stiff pudding with cherries in it
pye-yes, almonds-excellent. I agree about the almonds and cherries, totally. I wouldn't substitute the meal in the pie crust, because it is meant to be brownie-ish. but a layer of marzipan on the crust could make you weak! Or what about sprinkling sliced almonds on top? That would hide the craters.
I tend to want to put almond, in some form, in everything. But I have a friend I feed frequently who is allergic, so I'm often looking for recipes without.


Lindy, the tart looks beautiful (yes, even with the little pits from the cherry liquid), and sounds luscious.

I love the photo - the square plate (I've been eyeing some at Sur La Table), the lovely silver pattern, the fabric and the composition, which reminded me of a quilt block pattern.


Thanks Kimberly, you are kind. I have exactly one little square plate. I bought it to take pictures for the blog! It seems to work well with a lot of things. Recently, I read an article-I forget where- about chefs using oddly shaped plates.
One person who was quoted mentioned that really, there were some very good reasons why most dishes for eating, in most cultures, are round. Round plates really do seem more practical-things fit better, and are easier to get to- but the square ones are awfully photogenic.

Lynn D.

Milk chocolate? Lindy, I am having to reconsider our culinary and gustatory kinship! Seriously, I don't think you can go wrong with any kind of chocolate and cherries. For years on Washington's birthday I made cupcakes with chocolate cake mix, mixed with a can of cherry pie filling and frosted with canned cream cheese frosting tinted with a bit of the filling. That's my litte secret, but it was very good and some day I'll come up with a from scratch version.

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