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August 09, 2006



That is a fantastic picture... You hardly have to say anything to make me want some please!!


You've touched on one of my sore spots here, I love lukewarm or room temperature vegetable dishes and you either have to make them yourself or travel outside the US to get them since some people and Health Inspectors are certain that instant death will occur if prepared food is allowed to rise above 42F.


I haven't pulled that cookbook out for awhile but I remember a similar treatment for eggplant that's also great served lukewarm, and as part of a sandwich; so simple and so good.


Another recipe that uses mint! Since mint is the thing I am growing most successfully this summer I am anxious for any and all recipes that make use of it. This looks delicious.

The image of your infant daughter urging you to "cook, cook, cook" from her high chair is priceless, as is the story of your first full sentence. It's true -- kids do say the darndest things.


Aww, Lindy, what a sweet post! The zucchini looks delicious too :)


tanna-thank you-so kind.
steven-so many of these rules, supposedly designed to protect us, prevent us from getting the good stuff-don't even get me started on the cheese issue...
rebecca-I'm especially fond of leftover eggplant parm sandwiches-at room temp.
julie-actually, I always thought she was trying to say "cookie"-it never occurred to me that she could have been indicating a preference for something homemade. hmmm.
Nupur-thanks. hope all is going well with your work and you will be back blogging soon. You are missed.

Lynn D.

I made this for dinner last night and it was fabulous. The leftovers were also fantastic in an untoasted cheese sandwich for lunch today. I will be making this often as my zucchini bush is bombarding me with zukes right now. I was first introduced to the joys of room temperature food by Claudia Roden in her Middle Eastern cook book and then had it reinforced by Viana. I've made a similar dish with winter squash which was also very tastey.

the chococlate lady

This is just what I want right now, but since it is 5:00AM, and market/farmbox day is tomorrow, I may have to delay gratification.

What are the reasons you then hated and now love opera?


Your zucchini recipe was awesome! Even my hubby who doesn't love zucchini enjoyed it.

I made it for dinner a couple of days ago - let it sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then toasted some herb foccacia, layered the zucchini on it, put some gruyere, parmesan & grilled onions on it & back in the oven till the cheese just melted.

Cant wait to try more of your recipes!

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