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September 05, 2006



I´m a toast for breakfast gal, myself. Here in Spain eggs are a dinner thing, mostly, and this looks like the perfect thing. Love the pun, don´t apologize!


The pun had to be made. I love your little casserole and am very jealous. The breakfast looks pretty good, too.


I want the mushrooms for breakfast, not only because they sound like perfect breakfast food, but also because it would give me the opportunity to refer to them as Breakfast of Champignons -- probably multiple times. I love the pun too. And I also LOVE your little casserole.


Looks delicious including the little casserole. From someone who can't resist a pun however precious ( such literary lows one does descend to ).. your title just drew me to this post!


Some things are just right, it is a Breakfast of Champignons!!
Now I've got to go have some eggs.


First of all, it's not odd at all that you like your granola at night. I have had many a phase in which cereal for dinner served me quite well! Second of all, your Le Creuset casserole is so cute it's got me practically grabbing it off the screen. Adorable! And third of all, I'd rather like your hollowed-out, egg-stuffed tomato for lunch. Today.

the chococlate lady

Well, the consensus is overwhelming and you hardly need me to add that I will be using the phrase "breakfast of champignons" at every apropos moment, and that I am aching with tender affection for your little le creuset, but I will say it anyway.

One question: Do you bake the tomato dish covered or uncovered?


Great picture!
Your LeCreuset pan look so cute!

Baking Soda

I'm a breakfast for dinner type of gal... I could eat this alternately for a week, sooo good!


Oh my. That tomato-egg combo in your little Le Creuset is just too cute, and looks yummy.

I was raised never to apologize for a pun, by a father who made them frequently. 'Breakfast of Champignons' made me smile.


I will join the chorus of folks who laughed at the pun and love the little casserole and think the recipe sounds great!


Thanks, guys.

Chocolate lady-uncovered-you have to check on it, and I wasn't sure I could get the little lid off when hot. Plus, this is the first time I've ever had a little dish like this that had a cover.

Kimberly-I know, I know. I'm a serious over-apologizer-the habit of a lifetime. But it is traditional to apologize for, and blush over puns. Maybe that's because they often come out in a Tourette's-like, involuntary blurt? I always feel somehow unseemly when I succumb.


GRRRRRRRRR. . . one of the few times I don't "copy" a comment before hitting "Post" and poof! all gone. (My internet connection problems are the reason for my lack of comments lately--I've been visiting, really.)

Okay, back to reconstructing. (This is now the fifth attempt at posting this. See how much I love you, Lindy?)

I love mushrooms, and I don't think life would be worth living without toast. I can't believe I never thought to combine the two. Thank you! And yes, your baby Le Creuset is absolutely adorable. Good for you for buying it!

On a totally different note, I am in the (proverbial, of course) doghouse with J2 & New Cat for taking soooooo long to respond to Archie & Sid's questions about the Cat Cabin. (Of course they don't understand phrases such as "I can't get online, guys!") Okay, here's the deal. After hearing about life in the city, J2 & New Cat (who spend much of their time simply lounging about) think that doing such things as hanging out in the bathtub and tossing underwear around the living room sound like a whole lot of fun. So now they are suggesting a home swap--a sort of time share if you will. A & S come here and live in the Cat Cabin, while J2 & New Cat wreak havoc on your apartment. Just let us know what dates work for you.


Done! Thank goodness!


Archie&Sid are with the program. They are a little worried, however, about sleeping without the usual pillows, comforters, and human companionship.
I told them that if they want to be real country felines, even part time, they will have to suck it up...at least temporarily. I've also explained to them about fleas (I have had some flea bites myself-but they don't know the meaning of the word(s), the big sissies.) They are mulling it over.They say they'll let me know. Or have their people call my people, or something.
I have seen a mouse or 2 in the area around the apartment trash. I'll bet J2 and NC could give them a run for their money!


Okay, back and better late then never, right? This plan is coming along nicely.

1. The cat cabin is equipped with a handmade (by me) pure wool bed built for two, as well as a separate lounging area made up of a lovely old sailing cushion next to a thick lot of oh-so-comfy wool.

2. Although we have so many other incredibly irritating creatures (ticks, chiggers, wasps, hornets, I'll stop now. . .) WE DO NOT--KNOCK ON WOOD--HAVE FLEAS!!! I know, it's a miracle. We're just grateful that something itchy has decided not to co-habitate with us.

3. No human companionship at night, BUT plenty of cooing and ooing and pets and cuddles (if so desired) are available during daylight hours.

So, whaddya say, guys? This is THE perfect time. The bugs are almost gone, the ice is nowhere in sight. Have your people call their people. Or something.

P.S. Re mice. We have plenty. Just caught FIVE IN THE HOUSE recently. But of course if J2 & New Cat were in the house that would never have happened. Lazy, ancient indoor cats.


farmgirl- The felines are more or less on board with the plan. They are having a little trouble with the plane reservations, though. Seems like airport security objects to their claws or something, and the idea of traveling in the cargo area in the cat carrier offends.
I have told them repeatedly that no one is going to rent them a car, but they are set on it. I guess I'll just have to let them find this out the hard way.
As soon as they have mastered the phone.
Do J2 and New Cat like Iams?


1. How about a nice train compartment?

2. J2 & New Cat like each other (and me, of course). They do a lot of tolerating of others--and they spend a great deal of their lives above dog/sheep/donkey/llama/chicken height.


Okay, just realized that you probably meant IAMS cat food and not "lambs" with a typo. They've never had it, but I'm sure they'd love it. They're not fussy eaters.

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