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September 24, 2006



That idea about the pork loin sounds good, I´ll be interested to know how it comes out.
Btw, I made a batch of onion jam yesterday, and thought of you. I think you´re the only other person as crazy about it as I am!


Those look absolutely dreamy!!!

Lynn D.

I've been enjoying hominy since I was a small child. It was a favorite of my grandfather's. My grandmother would make gargantuan weekend breakfasts of crisp thick-sliced bacon, fried eggs and canned hominy cooked in top milk (cream) with black pepper and a drop of tabasco. Lots of folks eat hominy grits for breakfast, but he liked the texture of the whole hominy. I've also had delicious traditional pozole made with dried hominy, but I think the canned stuff is just fine (see if you can find a Mexican brand). I'm glad you finally found this humble, comforting treat.


Sounds very delicious, as I tend to love anything featuring "pork" and "bourbon sauce."

It's been ages since I had hominy,though I do hope to try my hand at posole soon. My main encounter with it has been in menudo, and I remember how much I hated that as a kid. It wasn't the tripas, it was the posole (hominy) that bugged me. It felt like corn had betrayed me.

Luckily I got over it. Thanks for the post, for the reminder to give hominy another go.


Oh boy, do those pork chops look good! I have never had hominy though, I will have to wait for my husband to import it from the states.....don't think I'll find it on the shelf here, or in the American Shops!

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