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September 02, 2006


Lynn D.

O.K., we're back on. I, too, have printed this recipe from Epicurious and make it frequently. I appreciate the fact that it doesn't take tons of oil and is delicious. I am really overwhelmed with the fall produce. My two eggplants are almost as prolific as zucchini, do you think you could freeze this recipe? My basil plants went crazy and I have about $300 worth of basil on my counter waiting to be processed into pesto. (Raw sunflower seeds make an acceptable substitute for pine nuts and don't break the bank.) The two pear trees are just laden with pears and the apple tree in the vacant lot next door is dripping with apples and has blackberries and concord grapes climbing up it as well.


This does sound good, and you're right, Lindy, it's unusual to find an Asian recipe that you can prepare in advance. I'd guess you would use more sesame oil than the original recipe calls for - 1/2 teaspoon?!

If you didn't know this already, Lynn, applesauce freezes really well. I envy you your bounty but you do have a lot of work to do!


The majority of eggplant recipes seem to be in a Mediterranean vein so it's a good thing to be introduced to one that's not. Especially, one that can be made ahead. That's a virtue.

Lynn D, holy pierogi! You're swimming in produce. Of course, that's a good problem to have.


Sound good. Anything different for warm weather is great.Thanks Lindy.
Will try soon.


Lynn-It really is a bizarrely consistent food affinity, isn't it? Re milk chocolate- 2 words: "Barcelona Bar." Okay, one more word: "Vosges". Sure, they cost the earth, but you can melt one square in your mouth, and call it dessert. Bet you'll like it.
Pear trees? Oh, excellent. I'm very envious. About pine nuts-If you are a fan-and you have access to a Costco, they sell big bags of excellent pinenuts really reasonably. Right now, I have to nag a coworker to pick some up for me when she goes to hers, but we are to get a nearby Costco this fall-at the mall out in Homestead- and a Trader J's in East Liberty, too!
Rebecca-I just made some apple/plum sauce (half and half)- an idea from Gourmet mag., and it is delicious and so pretty, too. I think I will try freezing some of that.
Julie- I am always looking for stuff that is good or better made ahead. I like to limit the number of last minute hysterical things to make if I have company- as it is no fun to have company if you can't hang out with them.
Jyotsna-Do I remember correctly that you are not usually an eggplant fancier?


Oh, that looks good. I've been considering making an Asian-style "eggplant caviar," but I hadn't seen recipes for anything like that...Until now.

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