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September 19, 2006



I think root beer is one of the few areas where I'd have a lot more fun looking for the best root beer that someone else had made rather than making it myself. I have had a great time making various potent potables, but anything without a lot of alcohol in it scares me a bit from a spoilage standpoint. But I'll be eager to see what you come up with.


I don't think I've ever had that kind of recurring dream. Certainly not one that detailed and specific, with the same scenario played out again and again. I wonder what in your subconscious is so attached to the idea of old-fashioned root beer? And will the dreams cease when you finally make a root beer as delicious as you've dreamed??


Making root beer also involves possible explosions. To which, if you're like me, you think, fun! But maybe the more normal folk would disagree.

I love dreams, too: my own, other people's. I'm wondering something. When you say you're 9 years old in the dream, do you find yourself disoriented as to your age when you wake? Usually, I am my own age in dreams, but in the last year or two, I've started having dreams in which I am ten or fifteen or twenty, and when I wake, I have to sort of drag myself back through the years, remembering quickly: no, I DID graduate, then I got married and divorced, and I moved back here, and I have a job and I'm at least thirty - yes, I'm thirty four! In just a few seconds, I've gone from fifteen to thirty-four. Which is disconcerting, but not too bad. But I fear for the future. Will someday I wake from dreams of being ten years old to remember that my life has nearly passed and I am eighty-five? Will I be relieved or devastated?

I never dream about food, strangely. My dreams are strongest in their impressions of places. I dream often of a green open land that comes to the ocean in cliffs. In my dreams, it's always Maine (a place I love), but it looks more like Ireland. I've tried to paint it and failed. Maybe I should try a collage.

Do you have lucid dreams? Have you ever tried to induce them?


anapestic- Actually, you have hit on part II of my Plan. In an attempt to get some idea of the ingredients for the dream taste-I thought I'd do some sort of sampling of commercial root beers to to hone in. I have hardly begun the roundup, though-it could take a while. I may get some friends to participate, for a range of opinions.
Melissa-This is the only dream I've had where food is so central, though I've had other dreams in which I was cooking. I would never have remember it so specifically if I hadn't written it down. I too wonder if it will vanish...
pyewacket-yes, isn't the age thing strange? I've been having a lot of college age dreams lately, set in various imaginary and combination universities. I do find some confusion on waking. I thought it was primarily wishful thinking. I have yet to have a law school dream, which would tend to support that theory!
Try the collage- I do think they are especially good for capturing dreams-I made several more around the same time. They are a bit of a pain, though,in that you have to save tons of scraps to have anything to work with...takes a lot of storage..messy, but fun. Like exploding bottles of root beer.
Do you dream intentionally? I do sometimes go back to sleep and try to grab one where it was interrupted- doesn't usually work out.


Sorry this is getting so off-topic, but what sort of scraps do you use? I have done a little collage, but always had trouble with finding one-sided images that were on thin enough paper - one-sided so the opposite side image didn't bleed, thin so that the collage merged well.

I do choose to dream, or to continue dreams, and am sometimes successful. I've been trying the various techniques to induce lucid dreams on and off for the last year or so, but have only had one that I actually caused. I haven't been very disciplined, though. I love lucid dreams, particularly when I realize that I'm dreaming and then get to choose to fly. But making it happen involves all of this practice that feels very silly - you ask yourself repeatedly during the day whether you're dreaming or not, and you test for dreaming, and then with any luck you get so in the habit that you do it when you're actually dreaming. Bingo, lucidity. It sounds crazy, but I can attest it worked once.

I also keep a dream journal, but only for the most powerful dreams.


pyewacket-I think I'd better send you an email on the collage stuff.


This collage would be wonderful as part of the label for a bottle of root beer.

I think you should start bottling cmmercially just as soon as you find your perfect root beer recipe. (What!? That's a logical next step, isn't it?)


Have you read the homemade root beer chapter of, I think, Belles on Their Toes? Cracks me up every time.

Lynn D.

I think you are so clever to make a collage of your dream. Aspiring collage makers might enjoy this blog:
This clever fellow posts a collage a day and sells them for a reasonable price. Another artist paints a small (often food related) picture a day and sells them on e-bay:
I found these sites by following links on Lobstersquad's drawing blog.


Julie- I fear that anything I tried to do commercially would a) drive me frantic, and b) ruin my fun. . I've got all of that I can handle with my actual profession. I was born to be an amateur, and will be lucky if I can manage to make a couple of bottles!
zp-no...I didn't know this sequel to Cheaper By the Dozen existed- until I looked it up just now. I'm going to find it, for sure.
Lynn-Thanks, I will definitely check these out.


There is incredible detail to your dream! Maybe because you have 'visited' it often! I enjoy reading your 'yammering', as you call it.


Lindy, this is a wonderful post. I'm someone who a)loves other people's dreams, as well as my own when I have a "good" one -- they're better than movies, b)spends time searching out root and birch beers for G, since they are a passion of his, and c)thinks your collage is just splendid. This post is a feast for the eye as well as the imagination...

Derek McCrea

Wonderful paintings, I think I will go and get motivated and try to keep working on my painting a day.
Good luck with the work.


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