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September 17, 2006



Who knew?! I just saw some of these at McGinnis Sisters today, from a local orchard (Dawsons, wherever that is) for only 99 cents a pound but I passed them over for Galas and Gingergold. I'll have to run back over there tomorrow and snatch some up. I lo-o-o-ve crisp, tart apples!


I have to second that recommendation. I've only just recently discovered honeycrisps and I love these apples!


Oh! I, too, am a Honeycrisp fanatic! They started showing up in my farmer's market a few weeks ago, surprisingly. I'll have to go check again this week!


thanks for the heads up. I like honeycrisp, too, and since I generally avoid apples altogether (and just pick up a very few for hiking) I might have missed them. but I'm rethininking apples; I loved that cider from the Kretschmanns.


The apples look lovely! I can't wait to pick apples this year.
Do you have winesap apples in your area? I'd never had one until I moved to Ohio. They are tart and crisp and I like to use them in my apple-fennel slaw.


I saw them two weeks ago at my local farmer's market and knew that fall was upon us. . .they're so good I usually buy about 3lbs and eat one while walking around the market.


The apple seems to be so fresh and attractive. I too often make salad with apples, walnuts, lettuce leaves, carrot and a bit of salt and pepper. I am eagerly waiting for honeycrisp, as I love it. They really taste delicious!

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