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September 22, 2006


Bonnie in Virginia


This week's Weekend Cat Blogging # 68 will be over at Sarah's. Please post your links at: http://chefsarahjane.blogspot.com/2006/09/wcb-68.html.
Would anyone else be interested in hosting a future WCB?
Thank you.



I always enjoy your recipes and the story behind them, but I gotta say, that's damn cute :D


Oh, dear heavens!! That is adorable. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for cat pictures. Yes, Sidney IS damn cute. That face is too much. If those cats were at my house I'd get not a thing done because I'd have to constantly stop what I was doing, go take another look, and then exclaim over the extreme cuteness.

Baking Soda

and now you've made me yearn for having cats around the house again.... Too cute!
(Btw, I finally have a post up with your requested recipe, remember the rice pudding pie?)


LOLOLOLOL! I love the photo, I love your writing, but most of all I love the phrase "slinging her against the wall." I won't go into details of why. : )

P.S. Am confused by this blurry cat photo situation you seem to be in. Do you have a "fast motion" (or something along those lines) setting on your camera? Though I've never had to use it on our cats (who take their time doing pretty much everything), it has come in handy with slightly faster moving critters, like sheep. Just a thought.


Thanks, guys-though, of course, I can't really take credit for the cuteness of the cats.
Farmgirl-If I use a fast setting indoors, I have to use the flash, and the colors are horrible and the cats eyes are red. And these cats have never set a paw outdoors. I live on a busy street with very fast traffic, speeding up to make a freeway entrance-they'd be goners-not an option.
There are a sad number of skinny, foraging feral cats in the general neighborhood, and I often come across them, hit by cars. I was very fond of one little female who semed to be living under my porch, but she disappeared too. So I keep my furry family members inside.


Blurry or no, Archie and Sidney are beautiful. Sidney has such a sweet face, and I love her paws around Archie's neck.

Our Sasha adores Miss Lyra, but she is much less tolerant of his attentions than Archie is of Sidney's. Lyra is too small to do much more than whap Sasha and run away, which she does rather frequently.


whoops. I looked at this post on the laptop at my work, which allows only for the use of internet explorer, and it cuts off Sidney's head, and consequently, her serious little face. Try something else-you can see it all with safari.


Lindy, I didn't know you had an incredibly cute cat named Archie! I just named my incredibly cute new baby Archie! (I don't know if that's odd to you, but it seems like some kind of synchronicity to me - but that's probably the sleep deprivation talking...)


Kimberley-Thank you on behalf of the felines of my heart. I find the cat hero worship thing hysterical. Whatever is actually going on in their minds?

Heath-Hooray for you and Baby Archie! My big, gentle blonde kitty is proud to be in any way associated with such a splendid event. Will you be posting some photos soon? What excellent news! Now, go get some sleep while you can.....


wow, cat blogging. who knew ;p

your blog is very entertaining and well done.

meow. [i guess that's cat for "regards"].

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