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October 15, 2006



This reminds me very much of something my mother used to make. Sounds delicious.


I like your line about butter, cream, and lard being something "too good to give up, but the health consequences of just tossing it in whereever probably aren't worth it." Well put.


Looks yum. But what is masa?


Are there no tamales to be had in Pittsburgh? Que lastima! Fortunately, and somewhat to my surprise, I've found decent tamales in Seattle, but they're nowhere near as good as the tamales from my hometown. I'll have to try making them one of these days.

(Every year Paul and I go to Houston for Christmas. And each year, just for me, my sister orders tamales made by her housekeeper. There's nothing better than freshly homemade tamales for Christmas Eve dinner.)


"Cornbread Tamale Pie" was a favorite of my first husband, one of his mother's specialties, but had to be made just so. Unfortunately we could hardly ever afford to duplicate it, with all its ingredients, like olives, etc. that simply couldn't be omitted. To put meat, cheese, beans, AND cornbread all in one dish, just about any of which would almost make a complete meal if accompanied by a salad just wasn't in my limited budget back in my impoverished student days, but I should take another look at it now that I'm reading your post and am better situated.

You just can't beat that combination of corn meal and chili!


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