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October 06, 2006



This sounds divine, but where in the world did you obtain those cherries? Did you save some from the summer and freeze them yourself? Or did you find a source? I know that frozen are much better than canned for an out-of-season pie.


Rebecca- I was surprised to find them at the Waterfront Giant Eagle-in Homestead- the section near the produce with the frozen vegetarian and organic items (as opposed to in the frozen foods with the other fruits). There was one more bag left on Wednesday-about 20 oz, per bag.


I could not agree with you more about Dorie Greenspan and Paris Sweets. Your clafoutis is gorgeous!


On your chowder post, I left a note to myself: do not visit Lindy's blog when hungry. How quickly I forget...

And what a beautiful clafoutis. I wish I were at your place for dinner tonight!

Baking Soda

What a beautiful clafoutis! (love the color-coordinated cloth). I cannot agree more on the subject of cookbooks and their reviewers. Any author that takes the trouble of cautioning or encouraging you while making the recipe, assuring you that the stuff
you're making should look like it does has my trust. I will try to find some of Mrs Greenspans recipes. Thank you.


That cherry trick is fascinating. I'm tempted to go out and buy some frozen cherries just to try it out!

I, too, love Paris Sweets. Dorie has a real gift for explaining techniques, and of course for showcasing phenomenal recipes! Have you tried the Korova cookies? I can't think about them without my stomach starting to rumble...


I'm not surprised to find more D. G. fans. She really does have a gift, as well as the consistency and effort to follow things through properly. Altogether admirable.
Yes, Melissa-the Korova Cookies are pretty much my favorite chocolate cookie of all time! That chocolate/salt thing is to die for. I actually discovered Paris Sweets following up on the Korova Cookies-my daughter had found the recipe for them in a New York Times Magazine article . She made them and gave us all some one Christmas. They were so good-I had to know more!


Gosh, that is beautiful! Lovely colors of the plate and the linens in the photo!


Your clafoutis looks elegant and beautiful.

I have a clafoutis recipe sitting on my recipes-to-try pile but it sounds like a more rustic thing -- I believe it's made in an iron skillet. It's working its way to the top of the pile. Maybe soon.


Amen to your words on Dorie Greenspan. Everything she recommends is delicious! And sour cherry clafoutis? Quite possibly one of the best desserts in the WORLD. Oh, delicious.

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