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October 27, 2006



you might want to add a 1 before the 1/2 cup in the listed quantity of coconut, just in case.



Browsing foodblogs, the Serenity nod caught my eye. Hurrah for the reference! I am enchanted with the originality of your post, and can't help but grin at a fellow Browncoat. :)


clerembault-thanks-it's fixed!
julianne-thanks. So far, they have proved entirely harmless, but you never know.


Hooray for Serenity! We're big fans. The bars look great too - in fact, they look like they might provide a better approximation of the raspberry mazurkas I tried to recreate around Christmas last year. I'm getting hungry just thinking about oats, coconut and raspberry...mmm...


They're the ones with teeth and you have to smash them.


Oh, no -- that fruity oaty bar song is stuck in my bead.


melissa-I think they are essentially the same cookie. I didn't know they were Polish, though. I always thought of them as American and Betty Crocker-ish.
steve-It does look better in red. I will check the canned goods.
julie-uh oh, um- blame it on the Blue Sun?

Baking Soda

First smile of the morning! How clever to include the film (advanced bloggism!) and now you have me singing all morning...


I guess I should actually open up my Serenity DVD. I've been saving it for a special occasion. (And I do have a Blue Sun t-shirt to wear while I watch it.)


Just when I think I can't possibly adore you more than I already do, you post something like this -- by "this" I mean both the recipe and the Fruity Oaty Bars jingle. Thank you, Lindy.

(hums Fruity Oaty Bars jingle)

(feels sudden mysterious desire to apply to Pitt Law)


Bakerina- You caught me. The subliminal messages can trigger all sorts of mysterious urges. Some might say the urge to go to law school is among the most mysterious of all. I still haven't figured out what triggered me, and I've been a lawyer for 14 years now!


Oooh, a fellow Browncoat. I gotta try your recipe!
Can you tell by my domain name that I'm a hopeless fan?
http://fruityoaty.com/ Hehe. :)


Hello fruityoaty. I hope you will like my version of your namesake, and feed them to all your browncoat and other associates.

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