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October 30, 2006



Mm, pomegranate juice in meat dishes. At the Afghani restaurant I usually go to, I'm very fond of the Fesenjan, which is a chicken dish with a thick, intense pomegranate walnut sauce. This sounds a bit reminiscent of that.

Please to the Table has been on my to-buy list for a while now, ever since I tried the Armenian Apricot and Lentil Soup recipe from it, which was fantastic! Your post is still more reason to buy it sooner rather than later.


This looks amazing. What an interesting combination, and you're right, I bet I'd like it a lot!


The rice is like the Mark Bittman stuff I made months ago, with varying degrees of success. And together with those meatballs? Yum indeed. Your dish looks delicious.


MMmmm...looks like something I'd like indeed. And G would like it, too, I'm betting. I'll try that out. I happen to love rice made in the Persian fashion. In Persian restaurants, they call the crusty bits "ta-dig" rather than kazmag. Whatever you call it, buttery crunchy stuff is always good...


WOW. I recently learned that my boyfriend has never had pomegranate seeds before, so I've been looking for a recipe to make that showcases them and this might just be it! How exotic and tasty soudning! Thanks!


Wow, this looks and sounds wonderful! I, too, have never eaten pomegranate seeds, but really want to try them. The new TJ's has good prices on the juice, BTW. I love the pilaf recipe you give here; how can it fail to be delicious with all that butter in it?


Lindy, this looks gorgeous! That recipe caught my eye in Please to the Table too - we seem to be on similar wavelengths when scouring cookbooks :) Of course now I HAVE to make it, half-pound of butter or not!


I've been meaning to make this for months--you beat me to it! It looks delicious, and your recipe review is great.

blue plate

Your dish looks great. You've put me in the mood for Persian food.


At least once a week in the months we've been remodeling the kitchen, I've stopped by here, read your latest post, and thought THAT's what I'm going to cook/bake as soon as I have a stove again. It happened with this post, too. The stove will be up and running on Tuesday (God willing and the creek don't rise). I fear I'm going to go a bit crazy.


Please to the Table is one of my absolute favorite cookbooks... I lived in Moscow in the early 1990's and learned Russian and Ukrainian cooking firsthand from friends' moms. Upon returning to the States and homesick for borscht, piroshki, pelmeni, vareniki, schi, vinigret, golubtsi, kvas and tvorog, I purchased a copy and begin cooking. My copy is dogeared and full of notes, and a much-beloved friend whenever I need some good old slavic home-cooked food.
One of my favorites is the recipe for khachapuri ~ Georgian flatbread with cheese inside. The dough is the best! I've used it to make calzones, garlic bread and a host of other yummy things.
I can honestly say there hasn't been one recipe in that cookbook that I haven't liked.


Please no, I can not need another cookbook!
Gracious - this is just begging to be eaten. Beautiful.

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