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October 20, 2006



The ability to successfully amuse oneself mentally is severely underrated.

Lynn D.

I think you have chosen very wisely. For some reason I would rather have plain yellow onion rather than leek and I might delete the turkey in favor of some other vegetable or fruit or pulse. Here's a game I like to play: Take a given amount of money, you can be thrifty or extravagant, and go to a mainstream supermarket and buy as much as you can as long as it fits in one standard paper grocery sack. Assume a minimum list of pantry staples, salt, pepper, olive oil. I'm not sure about sugar and flour. Then ask as many people as you can get to play your game to come up with dinner, or a days worth of meals, out of what's in the bag.


Keeps me busy, farmgirl! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Lynn-I actually thought long and hard about the yellow onions vs. leek thing. It was the (oft discarded) green part that was the deciding factor. I wanted something to use cut up finely, in an herby way. I guess I could have sprouted some of the onions- not sure if that would be cheating or not.As to the turkey- it seems to open up a lot of possibilities to me. And I love turkey stock above all others-except maybe duck.

I like your game. Especially if all the participants are real, and you get to eat the dinners.

But the pulses...they do call to me. This work is never done. And I am indeed a fruitcake, I'm afraid.For example, I was just wondering if I get the grape leaves with the grapes? I hope so.

Lynn D.

Oh, I think it's definitely permissable to sprout the onion (and the pulses). Of course if were brave we could have the chicken (or turkey) and the egg and only count it as one item. I wonder what turkey eggs taste like.

Yes, I forgot to mention that everyone gets the same bag of groceries and then prepares a casual but festive meal for 6-8 people, so you would get to sample the results. I would also be curious to know what everyone does with an identical farm box.


Sounds like a pretty interesting game to play. Looking at the list it occurs to me that if you were able to have just a few more items, say 15, you could really expand your possibilities. Adding fish, a legume, and cheese would let you add a great deal more variety to your diet. With 20 ingredients the possibilities seem vastly larger. Very clever though about the unhomogenized whole milk and the possibility of making butter.

Anyway, the potato salad itself sounds different and delicious.


Julie:Once you get to 20, it's total hedonism...almost any combo will expand things, and the choice is less important than the first ten. Self indulgent to the last, here are numbers 11-20, off the top of my head:
11. a dry, aged cheese-manchego or parm?
12.lentils or cannelini beans
13.sea salr
15.celery, with root and leaves
17. sugar
18.olive oil
20. coffee


uh, that would be "sea salt"


I think, 8 years ago my friends threw me a surprise birthday party that was based on the show Ready, Set, Cook, in which they bought two, nearly-identical-with-some-interesting-variations, bags of ingredients and we divided into two teams of 5-6 each. I will never, ever forget this.


What excellent friends. A better party I can't imagine.


This is a great idea, and my list would probably be quite similar to yours. Though I just might swap potatoes for chocolate. And leeks for tomatoes. Oh no, and of course I can't live without coffee! This is getting hard...


It just occured to me, the party works best for apartment dwellers, which we were! As there are then two kitchens in close proximity.

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