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November 05, 2006



Really, you take the cake, some pun intended. What a labour of sweet and sticky love. Hope the birthday person was suitable impressed, though possibly unable to speak! That's just how birthday cakes should be.

Lynn D.

A slice of your cake looks like just the ticket to have with the tea I'm drinking right now. One of my mother's aunts was famous for her lamb cake--a coconut cake made in the shape of a lamb (from a mold or cut up somehow I don't recall). We always favored lemon filling with our coconut cake and that is very good indeed. My mother also made an incredible lemon angel pie--a meringue crust with lemon filling, then whipped cream and coconut. Of course we always used the sweetened stuff; I'll have to give the frozen a try. I make a very plain but delicious coconut tea bread that is tasty toasted


Merciful graciousness. That is *cake*. I would love to make something like that for a nice foodie potluck, just to see if people will make those cake-mix-and-Cool-Whip assumptions, and then see all doubt melt away as soon as they take a bite. :)


You've inspired me! I've been craving coconut cake for awhile and I too have Tish's book, so I will have to give this a try.

Well done, Lindy!


That cake looks so gorgeous. And I'm grateful to you for the recipe because since Coconut Cake lost out to German Chocolate Cake for my birthday last year, Coconut is definitely going to be on the menu for this year. I can't wait to try this out!


Fun to have a cake that masquerades as one kind of cake but so clearly is the real buttercream-and-all deal underneath it all.

I just ordered a used copy of The Cake Book last week. I'm looking forward to receiving it.


wow, some cake. I love the custard, may have to make that on its own. great.


WOW.....that looks oh-so good. Wish you lived closer...I'd stop in for some coffee and cake!

Baking Soda

Oh that looks devine! I made a coconut cake once, but the amount of butter in the frosting was eh..let's say a bit much for our Dutch tastes. I do love the way it looks and the cake underneath. (Lemon filling sounds great too). Here's a link to the post (in dutch, but there is a picture!)



I so admire this cake you made. I feel almost weak from longing. :) I grew up in the South where coconut cake is an art and this is one of the best I've seen. And that's without even tasting it!


Hey, I just tried this. Indeed a labor of coconut love. And the custard is most definitely the best part. Mmm. But you forgot to include the tablespoon of rum to add to it in the detailed directions (thought it's in the intro paragraphs). I missed it as I wasn't paying enough attention. Still quite tasty - I've never made my own coconut infused milk, just had always used canned coconut milk. It definitely made quite a difference - thank you!


Thanks Mona-I fixed the recipe.


My birthday cake growing up was always a coconut layer cake, with a butter cake and 7-minute frosting heavily sprinkled with coconut. This one sounds even better. Now if only I can get someone to make it for me come February I'll be a very happy birthday girl...


This cake sounds DIVINE, and I am going to make it. Being Canadian, I do not make the connection between this luscious looking thing and the whole kitschy Fourth-of-July / cake mix / Cool Whip experience. For me, Coconut Cake is redolent of a British tea table - perhaps set out on the porch of a big plantation house in the West Indies, with rattan ceiling fans rotating slowly overhead. Put that layer cake on a pedestal stand, decorate with fresh flowers, and you will see that it looks as beautiful as it tastes!


Went searching for a coconut cake recipe and this looks exactly like what I'm looking for...However..surely the frosting isn't correct. 3 sticks of butter to 1/2 cup of confecitoner's sugar????

Please let me hear back as I am eager to make this cake, but will not risk all those expensive ingrediants until I know for certain on the correct measurements for the frosting. Thanks!

Mary Ann

I have been looking for a coconut recipe that I made in the 1970's and this sounds pretty close from what I can remember. I'm all for doing the fresh grating etc. because that was part of the reason this cake stood out.

The original recipe I used was from one of the popular magazines of that era and was included in a grouping of the 10 or 16 best cake recipes.

There are plenty of recipes with modern ingredients, but I want the cake flour and all the good coconut in mine.

Back in the 70's I remember spending two days to get this cake done.

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