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November 27, 2006



Pumpkin seed oil, yes I've been wanting some of that. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that.


Your earrings sound lovely and I think that you showed admirable restraint by only buying four items at Kalustyan's. It sounds like the sort of place where you could easily find dozens and dozens of things of interest that aren't easily available elsewhere.

We're having that same freakishly warm weather here. Freakish but oh so delightful.

Baking Soda

Rose syrup.. On a very recent trip to Germany I bought a small bottle of rose extract (and vanilla, and orange and..) but somewhere between there and here it got lost. Maybe it is having a ball with your postcard, making fun of these bloggerladies...


welcome back. I bet it was hard to buy just four things in that alladinĀ“s cave, no?


We've been keeping your weather here in Seattle. (You're welcome.) Snow two days in a row. In November. People have the most dreadful time dealing with it here, so we'll be sending it back to you - or to someone else for safekeeping - soon... I hope.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your loot.


Karen-Recently, postcards I bought (and misplaced) in Cyprus several years ago were returned to me in a large envelope from Egypt-where I have never been. I was mystified.

It turned out that I had put them in a small extra suitcase borrowed from my cousin, and returned the case to her without taking them out of the little pocket inside. She took the case to Egypt with her,without looking in the pocket, and found them after she arrived. Our lost things may one day come back to us.

Kimberly-I'm sorry about the weather we sent you. It was unmannerly- totally inexcusable. But could you please forward it on to someone else, instead of returning it?


And I thought Leland took me to every interesting food purveyor when I visited him this summer! Your trip to Kalustyan's is making my mouth water.

I haven't been to the Conservatory since it was refurbished but it was a frequent destination when Jon and Leland were small, on cold days. They used to race up and down the pathways and couldn't get into too much trouble in there and the steamy heat felt so good. I don't think I would have been able to resist those earrings, either!

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