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November 14, 2006



Did you have to mention that cookbook? I hadn't seen that one. Why am I always lusting for another.
Yes, winter squash is flooding the markets now and this would be perfect with the no-knead bread I'm starting today!!


YUM. Love that the fruit and ginger are roasted.

Buy the bushel! Buy the bushel! I so envy your farmbox subscription.


That looks so delicious. I'm a huge fan of Deborah Madison. She never fails. That soup is typical of her, using ingredients that many people would never think to combine. I've never had that soup of hers, but I know I would love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Your farmbox subscription really does sound excellent. I can't believe it includes raddichio! And grilled raddichio sounds like just the thing to offset the sweetness of the squash.

Adding this Deborah Madison book to my ever-growing Amazon wishlist.


That WAS a surprisingly good farm box. Another of life's strange surprises; the Murray Ave Eat n' Park (which, for Pittsburgh breakfast I actually prefer to Pamela's, strange, I know, whatever) has 3 items of Wexford Farms produce on their menu. At least it's a start. And I've signed up for the winter veg email. And did you catch the glowing report on the box from the blog Square Circuit?

Maybe you could sell minimalist loaves from your apartment stoop and thus, immediately, become the best breadshop in Sq Hill . . . Or maybe I should just clear my mind and bake that bread. I'm so distractable that baking is a challenge. Liniment cake, etc, you know the story . . .


The radicchio is a nice touch! I make a soup very much like this all the time, and I'm going try this garnish.

Jason Truesdell

I always love a good squash soup... it's kind of comfort food for me. I think I'll have to give the grilled radicchio a try; I usually use garnishes like toasted pepitas with a little seasoning, or sometimes some roasted nut oils such as walnut or, a long time ago when I last found it, pumpkin seed oil.


Jason-I was excited to find a tiny bottle of pumpkin seed oil at Kalustyan's on my recent NY visit. Kalustyan's has a website (www.kalustyans.com) and do mail order, so I'm sure you could get some from them- even if you are not a New Yorker.
I bought it, based on a mention in a recipe from Deborah Madison, but have not tried it yet. What is it like-is it a very strong flavor? What do you use it for besides squash soup? Please advise!


This soup sounds divine, especially to me who is in bed with a very bad cold and craving soups. I would be leery of buying the bushel. I had two butternut squashes go bad in my fridge after just a couple of weeks, and here I was thinking they would keep practically forever. Maybe the fridge was too moist for them and they would have done better in a basket in the garage.

Lynn D.

I just made up an onion-shallot-leek, butternut squash and lentil soup from what I had on hand. Then I remembered the grilled raddicchio from this post and fortunately I had that on hand as well. This was truly delicious; thanks, Lindy!

Rebecca, I think the butternut squash would definitely do better out of the fridge.


Oh Lynn, that sounds really good. I am going to try some lentils in my next batch of soup.

Rebecca-These squash have been sitting on my counter in my (admittedly pretty cool-65F) house for a month now, and they are fine. The garage might be just right- last year, the porch was too cold, and they froze, defrosted, and promptly spoiled on defrosting-but the porch is unprotected and very windy.

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