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December 20, 2006



Really like the adventursome sound of this whole thing and especially the marinade! Not sure I'd be brave enough to try buffalo but maybe I should be. I haven't seen it in my grocery store but it's probably at one of the specialty grocery stores.


When my mom roasted venison (which we ate a lot of, living on a farm in Africa), she used a long skewer and inserted bacon fat or lard into the joint at 3 inch or so intervals.

She used a mixture of the chosen fat and garlic, which gave it a really nice flavour. Maybe that might add a bit more moisture into your next buffalo roast?

My mom used a marinade quite similar to the one you mentioned.


oh but how i love bison meat!!
the thin cuts that you cook quickly are in fact my favorites: hangar steaks, butcher steaks, etc, etc, are just soooo gooooood with nothing but salt & pepper
i recently found a "mini-roast" of boar that i cooked slow and low in the oven and it was amazing!
game is so darn good... Happy Holidays Lindy!

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