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December 09, 2006



I love the look of the silver balls, I might call it homemade elegant! It seems just perfect.

Baking Soda

It's silver balls day today! I just finished translating the recipe Queen of Coconut Cake in English today (dressed with silver balls), the boys have decorated the christmas tree (silver balls) and just read Farmgirls entry which mentioned silver balls as well, skipped to your blog and hey presto!
Oh yes, pumpkin layer or maybe carrot cake layer with mascarpone/orange frosting! Yippee!


Here's an idea for a different combo: I blogged a butternut squash cake with chocolate chips and vanilla buttercream frosting. Yum! Here's the URL in case it sounds at all interesting. http://upacreekwithoutapatl.blogspot.com/2006/11/butternut-squash-and-chocolate-chips.html

Love your silver balls! But then I'm a polkadot fan ... :o)


I have been eyeing that recipe ever since I purchased the book. Your cake actually looks very elegant with the dragees. And I love the word. It's worth using them just to be able to say dragees multiple times in a single day.


I used to drive an ice cream truck and when I felt like I'd overdosed on shakes or hotfudge sundaes, I'd fall back on the chocolate covered bananas.
I think a pumkpin cake would be good with chocolate frosting too. After all, my favorite quick bread is pumpkin chocolate chip.
Also, have you ever made Italian Buttercream? It may seem like a pain but it is so much better than the confectioner's sugar kind that I am on a personal mission to get other bloggers to try it. If you need a recipe, the easiest I've found is Rose Levy Birnbaum's in the Cake Bible.


Glad to see the my favorite little silver balls so well received. "Dragees." You're right, Julie, it's a great word. I can't help thinking, though, of those who are being dragged. You know, by the by the draggers, or is it the dragg-ors?
lee-the chocolate lady makes a great looking chocolate pumpkin pie. Check it out at: www.inmolaraan.blogspot.com/2006/11/chocolate-pumpkin-pie.html
I have made Italian buttercream, and do agree it is better. It is, though, quite the pain in the ass. I don't even think about bothering with it when I am using good chocolate-because after all- chocolate and butter-it's like, you know, a fancy truffle. Close enough for folk music, as my late sweetie used to say.


i thought you would like to know that i dreamt i was eating this cake, though the dream-cake somewhat more elaborately frosted: the top was chocolate buttercream, but the sides were done in an intense dark chocolate ganache. in this dream, i and some friends were attending a conference on the uses of technology for activists, and the cake was being passed around as we watched a video presentation, along with some eggrolls containing tofu and mushrooms and cabbage.

oh the wonders of the subconscious (though mine is rarely all that sub- my dreams tend to bear a very close relationship to my life.)


aleza-Great dream.. I like the sound of those eggrolls. I wish more of my dreams involved food..eating without actual food is just as satisfying, and so much less fattening than the waking thing.

Although I do like dreams with striking visual imagery even more. My favorite example to date involves rowing away from a burning ship in a lifeboat, and watching the fire reflected in the water. It probably means something really fierce, but it was so beautiful you could cry.


I'm in the middle of making this cake and I can't find where or when to add the 6 TBSP oil mentioned in the ingredient list. I am assuming I can just add to the egg/butter/sugar mixture? I'll wing it, but I'm hoping you can update the post with that information. Thanks!


Kate- So sorry. My bad.I'm actually not sure what I did,and haven't got my cookbook to consult,as I'm visiting my daughter for Christmas.I added a warning note.I am planning on remaking it when I get home to figure things out, and correct the post.Can you let meknow how yours turned out? Many thanks for letting me know.


P.S.The above comment, and this one, are actually from lindy, and not from the redfox,who I am visiting,and whose computer I'm borrowing. I know,I'm a big dork,yes.


Hi Lindy,
I consulted several other cook books with banana cake recipes and they are all so different yet the same! I think I ended up adding the oil anyway. The cake was not setting well. Accepting defeat, I was about to pitch the cake, when my husband decided that there was no way he was letting any cake go to waste. He turned the heat down and let it cook for another 45 minutes or so. He even made the chocolate buttercream frosting and we ate it with vanilla ice cream for desert. Of course, the edges were dry from the prolonged oven-time but the flavor was wonderful and with vanilla ice cream, who could tell? I definitely want to get this cake 'right'!
Thanks for the follow up!

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