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December 03, 2006


Matt Metzgar

I wish I could cook this well!


Chewy noodles, pickled red onions, and avocados sound like a winning combination to me. Noodles and avocados are two ingredients that always, ALWAYS get my yes vote.

Ari (Baking and Books)

I grew up eating fideos at least once a week and I love the dish to this day. It's super satisfying and delicious. And with avocado? Out of this world!

Lynn D.

Fideos have been on my to do list for years, so now I'll just have to try them. Were your fideos coiled up in little nests? Thanks for the tip on the Muir Glenn fire roasted tomatoes.


I really am sold on these, guys. The feta was my addition, as I didn't have crema. It works very well-I think you'd like it.

Lynn-No, though they had those too, and they were clearly made of the same stuff. I got the short ones more or less randomly, instead. Both were Goya brand. I think the little rings would be hard to brown?

the chococlate lady

You have convinced me, Lindy. Fideos have moved way up on my gotta-make-these-guys-someday list. It is a long list, though, and my progress through list as a whole has slowed as I try to persuade my committee I have not died or fled to the isle of Kapingamarangi.

didja see Bittman's no-knead follow-up in yesterday's Times?

I hereby heap praises on D. Madison, and on you too, Lindy.

redfox (lindy's daughter)

Okay, I made this (more or less) tonight, and it was awesome. Mmmmmm. I'd love to make it for guests, but worry that the serving-dish stage would render it disappointingly room temperature.


Just made this recipe this morning - my Mexican husband said they were some of the best fideos he's ever had. Thanks!

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

I suppose I could have been influenced by greed, but this certainly seemed like the best new (to me) dish I've tried in a long time.Thanks

Vincent Margott

Both were Goya brand. I think the little rings would be hard to brown?

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The feta was my addition, as I didn't have crema.Thank you!

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