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December 08, 2006


Lynn D.

I actually do like a good root beer float now and then, but I am really partial to--I kid you not--a stout float. Sheaf stout from Australia is the preferred stout but very hard to find; Guiness or a microbrew stout do in a pinch. They are good with vanilla, coffee, chocolate or carmel ice cream. Best to make them small.


Here in the South we're partial to Coke floats. With chocolate ice cream. Yum. (I used to have them for breakfast when I was a teenager with the metabolism of a hummingbird.)


I was worried until you got to the brown cow, purple I would have worried again.

Kirk Mango

Wanted to make sure you got this. Was posted on Rootbeer Dreams II in October. Noticed several posts on Henry Weinhards, which is awesome. Her is my earlier post.

OK, I am a rootbeer fanatic from way back in the 70's. The absolute best rootbeer I have ever come across came from the tape on roadside A&W stands back when I was a kid. Just the right amount of sweetness and flavor, Went down easy even when thirsty, carbonation did not cause any issue because it was just so smooth going down. Head on it lasted and was thick complimenting its flavor. I have tasted all types of rootbeer canned, bottled, tapped and have yet to find anything that even comes close, that is until now. The Henry Weinhard's they speak of, which I had from the bottle while in California, is as close as I have come to finding that old A&W flavor (which as stated, in above, cannot be found anymore with this product). Henry's has all of the same characteristics of that taste I longed for. I can drink it even when not thirsty. What it does not have is that terrible after bite that many of the so called "gourmet" rootbeers have today. Man I hate that. Buying a gourmet rootbeer expecting so much and being disapointed. That has happened often, until I had a taste of Henry's. Exceptional is not a strong enough word to describe it. Just thought I would add my 2 cents. Oh yes, I can tell by looking at the ingredients from that Chow recipe that it will not be as full bodied as Henry's and that it will probably have that bite I hate in many rootbeer. Just my thought here.


Just got earlier comment today, for some reason. Please see my response (with numerous annoying questions from me) at "Root Beer Dreams II"- which I just posted. Thanks so much, and I'd appreciate any answers to those questions, if you have the time.


I'm a big fan of Coke floats (maybe it is a Southern thing?), but I like my root beer ice cold and straight up. I look forward to reading your tasting notes.


Kimberly-I mostly like my root beer plain and cold, too. The floats are an uncommon treat, though. It may be a while before I can assemble a few people to taste the root beers with me; free time seems to be filling up rapidly with holiday stuff. But I will post when I do it.
I'm not sure I've ever had a coke float. I'm generally a pepsi girl, when it comes to cola. Typing the word "pepsi", it suddenly seemed a very silly name to me. Never noticed that before.


I was doing a little research for root-beer.org aka rootbeerworld.com and found this site. Nice! I'm anxious to see the results of your comparison.

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