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December 01, 2006



We are in perfect aggrement in authors! and D Madison has got to be one of my very favorites; her creativity is stunning at every corner. I find her dishes have tremendous appeal even to the non-vegetarians. That is an excellent recipe.

catherine Ross

Deborah Madison is awesome and your pie is beautiful!


This looks astonishingly good, and even my meat-loving family might be satisfied with it. Before I read the note I was going to ask about the gill-removing because I had never heard of it; stems, yes, gills, no.

Clearly I'm going to have to check out Deborah Madison, one of the few cookbook authors I've never really had any experience with.


This is the third or fourth post I've read in less than a month praising Deborah Madison. I've had Vegetarian Cooking with Deborah Madison on my wishlist forever but never see it for a bargain price so I've held off buying it. Sounds like it's time to go ahead and buy it anyway.

Apropos of recipes and reliability, sometime in the past couple of weeks I heard someone --and I can't remember who, but perhaps Ruth Reichl on NPR Thanksgiving day -- say that magazine recipes are almost always much more thoroughly tested than book recipes. It surprised me because I've always assumed (based on what I don't know) that book recipes would be the more reliable and better tested of the two.

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