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December 22, 2006



Lindy, that is beatuful talk about sauce and so the way it is. Thank you for saying it just that way.
Yes I've been eyeing that cranberry upside downer and must before they are gone again.
Have a wonderful Christmas with the offspring!


I think the ring-shaped springform is an inspired idea for the cranberry upside down cake -- a red wreath effect. And your red Christmas dinner sounds festive and delicious.

Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time in Cleaveland.


... or Cleveland.


Thanks for the inspiration! Sure, most (foodie) folks know how to make sauce, but it's good to have the reassurance and affirmation that you're doing it right.

And of course, reading over the recipe makes me want to make some.

I generally follow Bittman's guidelines, and try to use two kinds of meat for a more complex flavor. And there's nothing wrong with subbing bacon for pancetta!

I want to know how it can be possible to have fennel on hand but not celery. (My guess is CSA, which wold be oh-so-nice. Where I am, you can only buy fennel specially, and pay a lot for it.)

Happy holidays.

Lynn D.

My husband started putting one or two anchovies in his sauce (first with puttanesca type and then in a regular old meat sauce) or sometimes a tablespoon of Thai fish sauce. It doesn't taste fishy but adds another nice layer of flavor for very little effort.

Happy Christmas Eve!


I usually make a pot of spaghetti sauce about once a month, and freeze half of it for later consumption. No recipe, variations depending on the season and what's on hand; I wish I felt so completely comfortable with a wider variety of dishes.

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas with your family, Lindy.


Another delightful read. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed Christmas in Cleveland!

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