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January 25, 2007



I'm pretty sure that exploding cans of sweetened condensed milk (and I admit it's a scary notion) can be attributed to people who leave the pans untended so that the water boils off. They are, in effect, setting a can of condensed milk on a stove, and it's hardly surprising that the can would then explode. Wouldn't you?

I may be one of the few people in the world who thinks that dulce de leche really isn't all that, but I've never had any trouble making it. If you use a deep pot (so that the can remains submerged), stick a lid on the pot (so that the water doesn't evaporate quickly), don't set the heat too high (so that the water simmers and doesn't boil away), and set a timer to go off every twenty minutes (so that you can check the water level), then there really shouldn't be any problems.


This was a fun cookie adventure. I especially enjoyed
does not involve the possibility of exploding cans, head injuries, and/or condensed milk on the wall and in your hair. It is so nice to lick some off a spoon...
wish I could have shared a lick!!! from a spoon not the wall or hair!
Fussy should be worth the effort.

Lynn D.

It's really harsh when you make a complicated recipe and are then disappointed with the results. Those cookies look like they would be the ultimate comfort food if you grew up on them and were fond of dulce de leche. To me, they look like something that may have come from a package with the name "Hostess" on the label! Perhaps you could console yourself with a tot of rum leftover from making the cookies.

Patricia Scarpin

Hi, Lindy,

Maybe these alfajores are not all that (and, by the photo, I think they're not).
The best alfajor is called Havanna and it's made in Argentina.
The real alfajores are either covered in chocolate or a type of cream that seems to be a cross between marshmallow and royal icing. Nothing loaded in cornstarch. Really, really good - chocolate covered version is better, I have to say.

If you ever have a chance to try one Havanna alfajor maybe you'll change your mind. ;)


Patricia-They sound interesting-I haven't seen any recipes that sound like that. Do you have one?


Or you could walk round the corner to the Tango Cafe and get one of those same cookies.


zp-Think I'll do that then. I take it you like them?

Patricia Scarpin

Hi, Lindy,

I've tried to find the recipe many, many times, but apparently it's something kept very well - almost a secret, I guess. :D

I should ship some alfajores to you. :)


I do like them, though I had one once that wasn't as fresh as it should have been.

I also recently had some of the cupcakes from Dozen on Murray Ave - a lemony poundcake-y one with strange and lovely blue icing and a chocolate one with mocha icing and they are good too. The mocha one was buttery and not too sweet, the lemony one tart and crumbly and fine. My reliable partner in crime got them for half-off (I think the reg price is around 2.50/cake) as he arrived after, I think, 7.30 PM.

Vinicius Fritzen

O melhor alfajor do mundo, sm dúvida é o Havanna, que é Argentino, em segundo aparece o Punta Balena, uruguaio; em terceiro lugar, vem um da suiça, mas que parece mais um cookie! Abraço.


El alfajor. Historia del alfajor, secretos de los alfajores, recetas para hacer alfajores de maicena, diferentes tipos de alfajor. Alfajor santafecino y alfajor cordobes. Marcas de alfajores milka, terrabusi, bagley, capitan del espacio, havanna y balcarce.

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