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January 05, 2007



Oh, my goodness! Does Greedy mean you ate ALL of them? Sometimes it's good to go overboard but never in the middle of the ocean.
Actually, you make it sound manageable. They look and read divine!


Tanna-Uh, not by myself. There were other miscreants present.


Oooh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE rugelach. They're among my top 3 favourite cookies in this order:
1. Argentinian alfajores
2. Swedish dream cookies (drommar)
3. Rugelach!

I'm a cookie monster and my sister (a fanstastic baker) always obliges and bakes up a batch now and again.


Obviously Iive had a misspent life, because I have never — to my knowledge — had rugelach. I am afraid to make them, even though your recipe temps me. I might, as Tanna suggests, eat all of them.

Lovely post!


Fruityoaty- I'm seriously excited over 2 kinds of special cookies I've never tasted before. I've already looked up recipes for both. they sound great, and interesting. But what about your namessake cookies? Don't they rank?Personally, I love fruity oaty bars.
mimi- You just have to freeze one of the logs to make some later.That works...usually. Well, sometimes.

redfox (lindy's daughter)

You can feel free to mail me some rugelach ANY OLD TIME.

Lynn D.

I wish I had an Aunt Yetta.


Mimi Sheraton, not Sheridan


redfox-next time I make them,okay?
Lynn-I wish I still did, too.
Jules-thanks-That's what I get for not checking. Fixed it.


Zuckerman's book just arrived on my doorstep yesterday - it's a beauty, isn't it? Too bad the diet demons of January have made me swear off baking for a long while. Though I suppose I'm not helping myself much by buying books like this!
p.s. Nancy Silverton advises a similar method for rolling rugelach dough in Pastries from La Brea, though she doesn't seem to know why it works either...


I have an obsession for baked goods that consist of "dough rolled up with nuts and spices, then sliced and baked"...like cinnamon buns and rugelach, and this recipe sounds divine! Thanks for sharing, Lindy!


I am discovering the freezer. Now, I'll mix up bread and shape the loaves, bake one and freeze one for 2 days later. Works like a charm but new to me. Obviously this roll would freeze nicely and be all safe until I wanted!

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