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January 11, 2007



For some reason I'm always tempted to try fish pie and always lose my nerve when it comes to doing it. Yours looks really wonderful.


I remember reading about stargazey pies in Laurie Colwin. Yuck!

Your fishpie however sounds very good and looks lovely in its little ramekin.

Lynn D.

I really can't believe this! Last night I made a fish pie with cod, fennel, spinach and mashed potatoes and I baked it in my green Le Creuset! It was absolutely delicious and comforting on a very cold night. This morning we microwaved the leftovers for breakfast on a very cold morning. I recommend a splash of white wine in the sauce. I'm excited about making this again with variations


Tanna-Really easy and really good, I really think you'd like it.
Julie-This isn't the best stargazey photo in the world, but I'm not sure I'd want to post a clearer one. Yet there is a strange fascination.....
Lynn-I thought about the white wine, too (of course), but I would have had to open a new bottle. I should have, and I could have had some with my pie. Do you think we were, you know, separated at birth or something?
I was surprised at how delicious it was. I like the idea of spinach in it, too-or leeks?


You know how you have happy food memories and unhappy ones? One of the latter involves a fish pie, when I was a child and had never eaten such a thing and our family was staying in the home of family friends and expecting a good dinner, only to be given a salmon pie. I do remember that it involved canned salmon, white sauce, and peas, and there was no way I was choking it down.

Your fish pie sounds like another kind of animal entirely, and might just override that childhood trauma!


Rebecca-It is even possible that the traumatic pie of the past would seem different now. I have always been an omnivore, but many children automatically dislike all things in sauces, or mixed together.
My daughter was among them, but that formerly fussy eater now eats all sorts of strange things she wouldn't have liked as a kid. I do think small children have very different (perhaps more sensitive and twingey) tastes than adults. They seem more inclined to be suspicious of their food, too. Perhaps this is a survival mechanism?


Your little green Le Creuset is so lovely. I'm exactly that beautiful shade of grass green with envy - I have no Le Creuset.

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This looks really good and not too hard. I love your Le Cresuet, it makes the pie look even better

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