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January 19, 2007


Vicki in Michigan

My grandma's springerle recipe calls for hartshorn.

Where did you get it? Once upon a time, I could get it at a pharmacy.....

I am not fond of springerles, but my dad likes them......


Vicki-Bakers' Catalog-see link in post.


You are a constant source of inspiration.
All your smell talk...I read a book several years ago that is now a movie (haven't seen movie) Perfume by Patrick Suskind at amazon
I really enjoyed the book. I'll look for The Emperor of Scent.
The cookies do seem like fun expecially the smelling part that disappears.


What an entertaining post, Lindy, as always! I do not think I will ever have the courage to use baker's ammonia myself, though. I use asafoetida all the time, and one stinky ingredient is enough for me :)
I love the idea of gifting perfume samples along with a gift certificate, rather than choosing a perfume as a gift, which is a really hard thing to get right.

Baking Soda

What a lovely write-up, wish I could find some bakers ammonia here right now. (Or wish I could remember in what recipe to use it once I found it).
The perfume samples/gift certificate are a great idea, my skin is very strange in that most perfumes smell funny once I use them.

the chocolate lady

Hi Lindy,

Hartshorn is one of the things I have been hoping to get to sometime.

Did I already say this? Reading your lovely blog again is like a long cool drink of ginger-water after a hot morning's haying.




I was also going to recommend Patrick Suskind's 'Perfume', but I see Tanna already has. Great book, though I hear the movie doesn't live up.

As for the drommars, they sound absolutely delicious, though I have no idea where to find baker's ammonia around here. What do you think the cookies would be like using plain old baking soda or powder? And is the texture really worth having to smell wet socks baking? ;)


I was looking all over town for baker's ammonia around Christmas; there was a recipe I really wanted to try that called for it. Of course now I have no idea where that recipe was and the possibilities are so vast I wouldn't know where to begin. I knew I could order it from KAF but it bugged me to pay as much for the shipping as for the product. These cookies sound so good!!


Tanna and Melissa-I have read "Perfume" and really enjoyed it. Did you by any chance see an article in the NYTimes magazine which talked about how a perfumer and the designer Thierry Mugler have made a special (and wildly expensive) set of scents to go with the movie? They are not all such as a person would wear eg. one is the smell of 18th century Paris streets!
Melissa-the smell, while not good, is fairly light, and does disappear entirely, unlike, say, a fishy aroma.
Baking Soda and Rebecca-I wonder, was your forgotten recipe for springerle. Now that Vicki has mentioned them, I may have to try them too. I still have a bit of the B's Ammonia
chocolate lady- I'm glad to see you back- that Mango thing looks amazing
Hello Mimi-I'm enjoying your blog
Nupur-Wasn't it a good gift? All perfumes smell different on different people. Some disappear on me!


I like springles alot...this recepie is in my dad pharmacy.. thanks for sending....


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