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February 19, 2007



I'm thinking I want very much to try a veal broth soon.
And that is neat to tear left over wrappers into raggedy noodles.
Beautiful soup, I always love spinach!


I am so waiting for this icy weather with the snow frozen in place everywhere to be over. And if I'm feeling that way in Baltimore I can only imagine what it's like in Pittsburgh. I love snow when it's fresh but these big dirty frozen glaciers everywhere that are so icy they're impossible to walk over are really, REALLY getting old.

Your soup looks wonderful -- all the more so for being made with "what's in the house" ingredients. Impressive what a little imagination yields.

Hope the sore shoulder feels better. Hope the cold goes away. Oh, and the contest: Great idea!


I left you a shopping tip over at Eat, but I'll repeat myself here: Greenfield Eagle, free range lamb shoulder, $3.99/lb. Oh so delicious. I might go back and buy more. XoXo zp


yes, i'm commenting just because i want a book ; ) but also i've been making a lot of soups lately and this is a really good idea. i have some wonton wrappers in the freezer and some spinach heading south and i should just make a leftover special and throw it all in a pot.


YUM. I love soup recipes, even though I live in the south and it's already getting warm down here.


ooh that looks DELICIOUS! I've got some homemade chicken stock in the fridge that just might be perfect for this application tonight (if I ever get to leave the office that is)

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