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March 17, 2007



You are exactly the same age as my dad. Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have said that.


ah Trig, no problem. If I'd wanted to hide the age, I'd have been able to do a better job of it than this!


You are quick on the draw! Well, with my tag at least ;)

I knew you'd have some great stories to tell, and I can't wait for part II. I particularly like the story of how dishwashing led to marriage. Sounds pretty romantic to me.


My research indicates that the picture you posted is actually one of Ina Garten.


Melissa-Thanks. I think it is a romantic story too, but I suspect not everyone would. It may have something to do with a person's relationship with, uh, food.
Please note: anapestic's research, as far as I can tell, was all done here:


I don't think Ms. Garten actually attended first grade in Pittsburgh, Mr. Smartypants. Of course, I could be wrong. The doppelganger thing is spooky. I'm letting my hair grow to avoid comparisons. Well, also, because I'm too busy/lazy to get it cut promptly.


Lindy, yes I think the dishwashing thing is romantic but I'm also awe struck at the love that is communicated with these words "Still, he did all the dishes, all the time, more or less for the rest of his too short life. No cook could ask for more." and no woman could ask for more. A life full of joy and even some sadness is a very good thing. Is that ok to say it that way?
Delightful that you're doing this in two parts.


that´s wonderful, Lindy, I loved it, can´t wait for the second. It reads like a movie, with a great soundtrack.


I love this! Especially the parts that overlap with my life in Madison and meeting my husband because I lived in a coop with his sister. He dries the dishes as I prefer to wash them myself. (That sounds so wierd as I type it out.)


Some great snapshots of the times there. Lobstersquad is right, it does read like a movie. And I agree with Tanna about what you write about Bill. "Still, he did all the dishes, all the time, more or less for the rest of his too short life" is such a touching detail.

I'm looking forward to part 2.


What a fun read. You are such an interesting person, Lindy! : )


WOW! This is a great post and so full of icons I can hardly believe it!

I'm all the more awed as I tagged Melissa and Ximena who kindly played along on what is my first meme ever. Thrilling!


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