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March 23, 2007



Sorry about the burns, I have been known as a bit of a klutz so I am very much feeling your pain! It was a lovely post, bit I still doubt I'll ever 'get' opera! Hope the tootsies recover quickly!


Even not really bad burns are bad. I just got one on my hand two days ago and every thing seems to be touching it and irritating it. Healing is always so much slower than we want. Now, I'll be thinking of your feet while my hand heals.
The operas my mom took me to first are my favorites, Carmen and Faust. Music is such an individual trip.
This is really a lovely post. You've had a most interesting law life, well and a most interesting life period.

Lynn D.

My sympathies; I think I told you that I once spilt hot grape jelly on my thigh. Check out my favorite movie tangentially about opera, Cosi. It's an Australian movie about an unemployed young drama student who gets a job at a mental institution directing a talent show. An inmate persuades him to produce Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte instead. It's a riot, but also kind of a tear jerker.


Thanks, heather, I'm afraid my existence is a klutz-o-rama, and it has always been so.
Tanna- I'm a Carmen fan myself, Faust, not so much.I do like quite a bit of French opera-Gounod's Romeo and Juliet is a favorite .Got to say though, Verdi and Mozart are my #1 guys.
Well Lynn, guess what? I loved Cosi (the movie-not that I don't love the opera), too. This is not even surprising any more. I'm quite sure I'm not adopted, and never had a twin.
It has been some time, though, since I saw it (twice), and I'm thinking I may rent it again, now, having been reminded.


Oh, Lindy, what a lovely pair of posts. I loved your evocation of being in college in the '60's and early '70's. (I've always felt like I was born ten years too late.) And what a wonderful pick-up act Bill had.

I knew it was coming, and still your writing about Bill's illness and death really hit me. When Bill got sick, Paul was just recovering from his first cancer. And you know about the second one, now three years past.

Paul and I will be in Providence over Memorial Day Weekend for my 25th reunion. We met at Brown in 1981.

I think I'll tag myself for this meme. Something to get me writing again! I hope your burns heal quickly.


So interesting to have these "behind the kitchen" posts. I did see that you tagged me, and at first I was reluctant simply because of my shoddy memory. Having read your bio, though, I see that you can relate to the main reason I might not get around to it for a while:

I'm a 1L. Currently suffering through CivPro, Property, all those fun things. So reading your posts is a welcome break from in personam jurisdiction, but posting my own is a bit more than I can chew for now.

Back to it.


Kimberly-I'll be looking forward to reading all about it...consider yourself tagged.
littlebouffe-no problem and no obligation, of course, anyway, but ESPECIALLY considering your 1L-ness! And Kimberly will do it for us.
It's not every year a person has to deal with the Rule Against Perpetuities, and the like - or as a friend called it, the "Rule against Purple Tooties".Take comfort in the fact that there are many things of that sort that you will likely never hear of again (or at least never again after the bar exam).


"behind the kitchen" - that's funny. thanks for sharing, lindy.


Wonderful, wonderful post, but oh, Lindy, that burn sounds nasty. Hope it heals quickly and you're not in too much pain.


wow, Lindy, that was even better than the first, I really loved it. Everything you say about Italy and opera and overflowing bookcases I would sign myself. And the burns, even. I once spilt a lot of pasta boiling water on my jeans, but miraculously nothing happened. Glad you´re better

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