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March 31, 2007



Wow, I do hope the healing keeps moving in the right direction!!
...act as one's own granny, with a little help from some friends... now that's really fun!


You must have an interesting method of cooking to have burned your *foot*! :)

Those cookies look terrific. I think I'll make some with my son this afternoon. I've been promising to bake cookies with him for a couple days now. This might be just the recipe for us to use! Thanks.


I've made many variations on gingerbread, but also had not made ginger cookies until a few months ago. The recipe I tried - and have made several times since - is very similar to this one, with the additions of black pepper and chopped crystallized ginger. It also omits the step of flattening the dough balls, so the cookies bake into chewy little half-domes, rather than crispy snaps. They are addictive. Now that I'm thinking of them, I may have to bake some this weekend.

I'm so glad to read that your foot appears to be healing. I'm sure the ginger cookies have helped.


Hi Lindy,
So glad you are on the mend. Oddly enough, I was going to suggest gingersnaps my last comment. I use the recipe from The Joy of Cooking, it is a tried and true standby for me, and never fails to make me feel better, no matter why I am feeling "off"!


thanks Tanna, and for the recipe, too
Sarah-I don't generally use my toes for stirring, cause it can give you an awful cramp
Kimberly-I now remember that recipe, and thinking I'd try it. My brain, being sieve-like, sifted it into some inaccessible nook or cranny, and I forgot. I liked the pepper idea. My cake gingerbread recipe has mustard in it, which I also like. Gingerbread with a bit of bite is so good.
Thanks heather. Which edition of "Joy" do you use?


It is the revised and expanded 1997 version. Dog eared and food stained, it is most often busted out for the gingersnaps!! (My 13 year old daughter and I have "snaps" and tea most evenings after dinner, in front of the tv!)

Baking Soda

Must be them cookies! Cookies can do wonders sometimes, glad to hear your foot is going in the right direction again (no pun intended). It must be gingersnap season, I baked a batch this week as well and they disappeared without a trace (and pictures and post...now I have to bake some again, bother!)

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