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March 24, 2007



What happened to your foot? I must have missed that somehow. Sorry to hear about it.


Ah Kayln, Basically, I poured an entire pot of boiling hot stovetop espresso on my own feet. Thanks for the sympathy, much appreciated. I need a keeper.


Does that really work with the kisses? Gad I do wish I had grandkids but none seem on the horizon or even over the horizon. That sounds like such fun.
I am so with you on the burn, this small spot on the pointing finger of my left knuckle just keeps breaking open. Now I have blood on sheets and shirts...bum...I should just get over it. It must be much more aggrevating on the foot. Take care with it.
Love roast chicken all ways!!


I love the instructions to eat it with lettuce. This is nearly an unbreakable rule for me.

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