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March 14, 2007



What an interesting technique panagretto!
One night at dinner, our youngest then in the eight grade announced he was going to be a vegetarian. Two days later he came home from school and told me chicken is not a vegetable! He's 33 today and still vegetarian.


I love it-anchovies and BTVS (the best TV series of all time) all in the same post. Thanks! I'm also intrigued by your pasta recipe and might give it a try but I'd love a recipe for Jansson's Temptation.

Baking Soda

Oh boy, anchovies? I don't know...afraid I'm on the wrong side of the divide right along with your daughter.


One of my favorite pantry pastas includes anchovies! (It's what I call "Strong Flavor Pasta" - you'll see why in a minute.)

Saute onion and LOTS of smashed garlic in olive oil; add anchovies (several) and melt in. Throw in a bunch of capers and some sundried tomatoes in oil and a bunch of chopped strong black olives, then add a drained can of tuna and a healthy splash of white wine (the wine takes away the canned tuna-ness.) Cook till the wine mostly cooks away, then toss in spaghetti noodles and eat. Make sure to put a big glass of water by your bed after having this for dinner - salt, salt, and more salt. Very yummy. (Also very yummy with much parm and red pepper flakes.)

I always have the stuff to make this on hand and it's really MUCH better than it sounds.


The lesson I took away from Dawn's experience was that eating anchovies is sure to be followed by disaster. Which seems entirely unfair because, really, if you've eaten anchovies on your pizza, you've suffered enough.

I find anchovies to be an essential element of my puttanesca sauce, where they are, fortunately, invisible. Almost any time I see them in a recognizable form, I think I would be happier seeing some black olives in the same place.


Oh man, if Ben didn't hate them so, I'd eat this pasta three days a week. It is so fantastic. I'd say the best part, almost, are the breadcrumbs. Mmmm, crispy breadcrumbs...


You know, I remember thinking how ever so slightly out of character that seemed, the fact that Dawn loved anchovies. I mean, I imagine that there must be a few teenage (American) girls who like them, but she never struck me as being the type that would (the anchovy-loving type being passionate, adventurous eaters, at least in my experience!). Then again, we did see her make a peanut butter and banana quesadilla...

As for myself, I occupy some rare middle ground in the great anchovy divide. I absolutely hate them on pizza, but love them in just about everything else. Including spaghetti - yum!


AHA! I was served those potatoes recently and was utterly disgusted by them. It was brunch and they did not list the fish's presence on the menu, and I was shocked and put off completely. Even though I love anchovies, I need to see them coming to enjoy them. That aside, my favorite vegetable to sneak them into is broccoli rabe. Delicious!

And that microwave trick is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It's best with Peeps ;-) After they've puffed up, I take them out and carefully pull them apart into long, thin, fragile threads. SO much fun to eat! Thanks Lindy!


Everything is connected. I was planning to make the French Laundry anchovy dressing as documented in French Laundry at Home:

Decided I'd better look up "salt-packed anchovies," as the recipe calls for, and found this post on the best oil-packed anchovies: http://inpraiseofsardines.typepad.com/blogs/2005/11/in_praise_of_sp.html

Then I come here and you're talking about anchovies. So I thought I'd share the links.

I used to think I didn't like anchovies, but anchovy-stuffed olives turned me around. I like your method of using them. It's like fish sauce, which adds so much to Asian dishes, but is kind of squicky if you think about it too much.


Frankly, I'm quite shocked that you're a Buffy watcher. Anchovies, naturally. Buffy? That came out of left field.


tanna-Being a vegaphile, I have come to appreciate the benefits of having vegetarian relatives. Sets you at the new and different.
anapestic-But they're pretty! Well, perhaps I'm slightly biased.
sucar-I will oblige with that recipe sometime soon, once everyone has stopped dying of thirst.
Luisa-Yum. Crisp breadcrumbs also good on shrimpy and other fish pastas, I think, where cheese on top is a bit strange.
Melissa-Dunno, I liked them from a kid, but I am abnormal, I guess. I have always been human, however, unlike some.
I do believe that quesadilla wound up in the trash?
ann- I absolutely agree about the warning- very important. But the poofing up of peeps? A tad sinister!
Kitt-Man, that dressing looks wonderful.
zp-Shocked and appalled? They had me from the ritual sacrifice...with pie.


Whoops, missed you, Baking soda. There's no right or wrong here. Just "lucky" and "deprived"! Actually, there's a whole lot of grey area with anchovies-despite all the strong emotions involved-as ann pointed out.


I have been dreaming of this spaghetti ever since, oh, about three minutes after you posted it. I finally made it last night, using farro linguine. (There's something about anchovies and really two-fisted whole wheat pasta that I just love.) Not only did I eat a really, really big bowl, but it was all I could do not to pick the leftovers out of the skillet with my fingers. Lindy, this recipe is genius.


I do a simpler variation of this (red pepper, garlic, chopped anchovies, parsley with spaghetti) all the time but yours sounds far better. Sensational even. I think it's the thyme and lemon that makes it sound so appealing.

almost vegetarian

Okay, so this is why I don't read food blogs when I am hungry. Now, where did I put those anchovies? Cheers!

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