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March 18, 2007



Tangentially Irish! What a great title and good story connection! Looks excellent.


My family name is Ulster-Scots (or Scotch-Irish, in America). I thought of myself as Irish enough to wear green on St. Patrick's Day until my Irish Catholic college roommate informed me that, as a Protestant, I should be wearing orange. These days I usually wear anything but green or orange on St. Pat's Day.

I once read that the Irish flag is a green-white-orange tricolor to represent Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants, with the hope for lasting peace between them. May not be true, but I like the idea... and your orange sugar and green pie plate.


No wonder you've got no Guinness in the house if you cooked a Keith Floyd recipe. He will have drunk it all while you weren't looking.


Could you please change that picture?? Your site is one of the first ones I check in the morning (from, uh...home...before I go to work, yeah, that's it) and my GOD that pie pic is making me hungry.


When I'm in the mood for Irish or British soul food I browse The Foody site - http://www.thefoody.com/recipes.html If you've misplaced your recipe for Clapshot or Rumbledthumps it's a great resource. The tart is beautiful!


You did a beautiful job with that lattice crust!


tanna-thank you
Kimberly-Peace pie? More appealing-to me- than a peace pipe.
aidan-Occasionally there are some rascals to be found around here, but I don't think it was your man Floyd, in this instance
LL Pie is the breakfast of champions.
brainpuddl3- I love the Foody, too-great resource
Rebecca- this is probably not original, but I just thught of it this time. I assembled the lattice on a piece of freezer wrap, set it on top of the pie, peeled the wrap off, and pressed and trimmed it. That helped keep the gooey filling off the lattice top during weaving. There was some falling about of strips, but less mess than usual.

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