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April 20, 2007



Yummy! Add a little cube of cheese in the middle, and you've got arancini!


I recently had some leftover risotto and did something very similar and find this as good as you say. They are terrific and yes I will be making much more next time.
I think you might also really enjoy this asparagus ribbon salad


This sounds soooo good! As does Vicki's suggestion.

Local asparagus will hit our market next weekend and I intend to eat it quantities of it while it's around. Your fritters are in my future.


P.S. Thanks for that nice mention of the asparagus risotto.


I have not made risotto for ages! While Spring is still here, I need to get my act together and make some of this asparagus-lemon risotto...and these fried balls, they look sooo good!


Oh Lindy, you are an inspiration. So much so, that I have decided to sign up for a local CSA. Based on your lovely posts and in honor of Earth Day, I will soon be the recipient of weekly boxes bursting with fresh, locally grown organic goodness. THANK YOU!

French Laundry at Home

Great idea -- keep 'em coming! I can almost smell these through the internet. :)


Our asparagus in the UK is really inexpensive this year too. I wonder why. Do you think it is because, like salmon, people start growing a luxury item and then discover that everyone else has done it too? I haven't got beyond simmering it, eating it hot, eating it cold and putting the rest in the risotto. I like the idea of the Lemon/Asparagus risotto and am wondering about preserved lemons...

almost vegetarian

When we have lots of leftovers, I make something I call a "Munch Plate." Bit of this, slice of that, taste of something else. It's usually fun, always different, and frequently interesting. The variety of healthy and I get to use up odds and ends of food that would otherwise go to waste. Pretty good!



Gosh, that sounds good! I just have to make some Risotto to have the leftovers on hand!


Recently made some more of these, this time with leftovers from a summer squash/squash blossom risotto with saffron. I had them on a bed of arugula that had been dressed with a lemon vinagrette. Very, very nice Saturday lunch.

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