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May 30, 2007



The pasta with chicken livers both sounds good and looks good. It looks especially nice on that plate!

No fishies for me - ew.


I suspect that the GDL book falls squarely in the food porn category. People will likely buy the book to read and to look at and to have in their collections, but perhaps not so much to cook from. That's not necessarily a bad thing in general, but the recipes should be good if someone actually goes to cook them. I'm not sure, for example, that I'll ever try more than three or four recipes from Mes Confitures, but I'd bet they're all good recipes.


The chicken livers looks so good. I haven't used liver for way too long and should. And I also like the idea of putting this on polenta.

the chocolate lady

Caffe regulare. Heh heh. In the Chocolate family, we call it "caffe localo," because it's not espresso, see? Well, we think it's pretty funny.


I've heard similar comments about Everyday Pasta, which seems be the hurry-up companion to Everyday Italian (or whatever the first GDL cookbook was). The first one received decent enough reviews, but it probably also had the requisite recipe tasting, etc.

No more book clubs for me--for exactly the reason you acquired that book. I have way too many books that I never wanted but can't get rid of because of the quilt and the irritation.


Mmm, I've been thinking about chicken livers lately, I think you've pushed me over the edge :-) For all you victims of book clubs and other low-life marketing, simply write "REFUSED" on the box and hand it back to the postman. The post office will be more than happy to oblige, and the book club will get the idea.

Jollibee Philippine

I have this cookbook which have a different recipe of pasta.



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