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May 18, 2007



I think this is perfect and not a dropping of the ball. No matter the circumstances, it's a time to be easy with your self. Hugs


I'm grateful for the extension. My home network's down, and the pictures are stuck on the wrong computer until my partner gets back from a business trip and can find the disk to reinstall the wireless router. Modern life, eh? It should be fixed this weekend, and then I can submit. Take all the time you need.


I've only recently discovered and started reading your blog, but I feel a kinship to you through your food writing.

I'm so very sorry. Please take your time to heal.

A friend in food,


This is not A Dropping of the Ball; it is Taking Care of One's Self. No need to apologize for that. (And your extension just may give me time to participate.)


Given the circumstances, I can imagine that your mind might not be on writing.

Since I have been getting nowhere with coming up with an idea for this I'm grateful for the extra time. Just possibly I'll get it together in time to participate.


I´m so sorry, Lindy. I hope you are as well as can be expected.
I´d found it impossible to take part with the old deadline, but will send my entry before June 1st, definitely this time.

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