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May 27, 2007


Chef JP

Enjoyed your blog post. I love snacking on pickles as well. Sometimes I like to make pickled onions: heat some white vinegar, when it boils add a little white sugar, stir well and pour the vinegar mix over sliced red onions. Let this sit overnight and you have yourself a dandy snack! Chef JP


Woo, snap peas, I like that!
And it's really funny but I just bought a big jar of pickles at Sam's. My husband and I have emptied the jar in 3 days they were just so good.


Mmm, these look great! I, too, saw those snow peas at Costco but couldn't imagine using all of them; now you've shown me how.

Lynn D.

This looks like just the ticket for the remains of the bag of broccolini that I bought at Costco. I think I'll make two jars and blanch the broc for one jar and leave the other raw and see which version I prefer. I'll let you know the results.


Chef JP- YES-love pickled red onions! they are great on top of fideos, or tacos, especially with some cubed avocado.
Tanna- a whole jar can disappear pretty quickly around here too. I am devoted to the garlicy kosher green tomato pickles by BaTumTa (I think that's the name-they are refrigerated in a glass jar).
Rebecca- I hope they are still there in big bags when I head back.
Lynn- That sounds very good. I didn't see any broccolini last time I was at Costco, or I'd have bought some. It comes in very small, very expensive packets at the regular supermarket here.


Pickles are my weight-loss strategy too! However, they're usually store-bought and not nearly so lovely. I've tried making dill cucumbers a couple times, once using the recipe from a book you recommended, Better Than Storebought. (That book has been a real boon! Making your own mustard is way cool.) Still, I can never seem to get the ratio of sour to sweet just right.


I was having some friends over for brunch this weekend, and when I went to Costco, I bought an equivalent bag of sugar snap peas. They really are very good raw, but I wanted something a bit different, so I boiled them for 75 seconds, dumped them into iced water to keep the color, dried them thoroughly, and marinated them overnight in a simple vinaigrette. I think I will get another bag and make some pickles now.


oh man, pickled peas and beans are some of my favorite foods in the entire world! my mom makes dilly beans to/die/for. I'll have to give this a go when the snap peas show up at the market. Thanks for the idea lindy! (btw, I think you should have gone with the original title. I love a good pun in the morning!)

Lynn D.

The broccolini pickles turned out great. Actually tomorrow is two weeks, but I ate some today. I also don't think it was broccolini, but thin stemmed regular old broccoli. I liked the blanced batch better; they were still very crunchy but seemed to absorb the flavors better.


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