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May 20, 2007



Deborah Madison has never let me down. You've a lovely comforting soup there.
Sounds like you're doing the right thing to take care of you. Time will help too.
Hugs to you


Dear Lindy
I am late with my condolences and acutely conscious of it. I was so sorry to read about the loss of your mother; as women we carry the seeds of our own immortality and it is jolting when the thread breaks. No matter how well we prepare we will find ourselves looking around wildly for the hand to hold when it is no longer there. Perhaps grief strikes us in our strongest places because if she went for the weak spots we wouldn't notice. Every culture has a cuisine of grief - bitter herbs, madeira cake - to put the treasure ship back on an even keel, to keep the cotton winding twistless from the reel...

redfox (lindy's daughter)

Poor mama. The soup sounds delicious.

Lynn D.

Inefficient is my middle name. I bought ingredients for the homemade takeout event, but ate two key ingredients before I took the picture. Then I went back to the store and replaced only one key ingredient. On the way back to the store I realized that I had subsequently lent the camera to my son! I am determined, however, to make the June 1st deadline. The soup and photograph are lovely.

baking soda

Understandably so. You have every right to be, and a bowl of goodness is the no. 1 comfort food in those instances. I think Lynn D. is my unknown sister, inefficiency is my middle name too. Somehow making soup makes me feel accomplished, you know, taking care of the world by stirring huge amounts of vegetables that simmer away on the back of the stove while the aroma wafts through the house.
I love the green!


What a lovely bunch of comments, here and elsewhere. I am so lucky that you come here and read my blog, and stay to offer your open-hearted and so welcome sympathy. Believe me, it is more sustaining than the best of soups. Not that soup is, in any way, unhelpful. Hmm, I grow soppy ( possibly even verklempt) thinking of you and of your kindness. Thank you.

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