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June 19, 2007



All my book money is gone for the next two months!
This looks like a delightful read. Maybe the library...


I'd never have found this book if it wasn't for you - but, like Tanna, I've spent all my book money (and in the same place!). I don't think I'll find it in the local library here, but I'll look out for it on Abe - it always amazes me that people sell even classic books straight after reading them, but they do, they do.

Thanks for an insightful post (is that a word?)


What a thoughtful post, Lindy! I hope this book comes to my local library soon...it has been a long time since I read anything that I really wanted to savor like this.


Yet another book to be added to my Amazon wishlist!

I generally love essay collections, and an essay collection on this subject by this group sounds very satisfying.


I love your review of the book. They sent me a copy too, and I did the exact same thing...I savored it. (I really must get to writing something about it too though! LOL.)

I hope everyone runs out and gets a copy!

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