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June 23, 2007


baking soda

Drooling over the first picture, those soft colours and the matching fabric.


Well, I'm drooling over all of it! And yes I do believe in visceral puzzlement! I'm with you on that one.
It so good to Blossom . . .


I haven't the faintest idea what squash blossoms are like to eat (never even have laid my eyes on them), but this spaghetti recipe sounds like something i'll have to try, blossoms or no. Saffron plus carbonara-style eggy creaminess? Absolutely.


Amazingly I was just talking about courgette blossoms the other day. There are some great recipes out there on the web, especially Mediterranean ones, and I'm going to try them myself when I get time after my exams. There's nothing wrong with thinking with your organs. It's an accusation that's been thrown at men for ages.


Frying squash blossoms brings me back to my childhood. My mother would often gather them from her garden, coat them in batter and fry them. Mmm! Still one of my favorite treats but I don't see blossoms in stores often and don't have a garden of my own.


Lindy, you're going to scream when you hear this, but I immediately threw my zucchini blossoms away! IMO, squash blossoms taste of nothing but what they are cooked/coated/stuffed/fried with, and have no real flavor of their own, and as I really didn't feel up to battering and/or frying anything or even doing much cooking this incredibly hot and humid week I thought, rather than have them molder away in the fridge I should just pitch them at once. I've gotten ruthless that way, although if there are some in there next week I'll be happy to donate them to you!


Aaaaaack! No, no, Rebecca! Threw them away? (Yes, I did scream, you're right)- Taste like nothing? I think they taste delicately of zucchini and something else lovely I can't quite put my finger on.
Actually, a friend at work who gets Kretschmann's farmbox gave me hers last week, and this week, too. (My feelings are clearly not universal.) I'm having a Squash Blossom orgy here. I put some in soup, and in ravis with goat cheese. Next stop: a risotto.


I was a little underwhelmed with zucchini blossoms when I tried them for the first time last year. I loved the delicate-crunchiness factor of the fried blooms but they seemed more about texture than flavor.

Last weekend I made zucchini blossoms stuffed with crabmeat inspired by a recipe I'd seen in Daniel Boulud's cookbook. It wasn't a success. I don't think either ingredient did much for the other. I'm trying again this week though with some sort of cheese stuffing.


Julie-I was lucky enough to get some more. I made a risotto with the addition of saffron, grated yellow summer squash, and some fresh peas. I sliced the squash blossoms thinly, and threw them in near the end. I really liked the flavors, and felt you could taste them separately, as well as together.

For stuffing, definitely the cheese, I think. I tried a mixture of mostly ricotta, with a bit of beaten egg, some grated parm, nutmeg, and sliced scallions. They were great fried up with batter, but appalingly rich. Great, but you wouldn't do it often, and what a mess, with the frying and the stuffing. Next time, I'm going to try baking them, stuffed, and with a little roasted tomato sauce.


Really really lovely photograph. Well done.


Really really lovely photograph. Well done.


I've been looking for new ways to cook with squash blossoms, so thanks for that recipe. It's straight up my alley!

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