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June 03, 2007


redfox (lindy's daughter)

Have you seen this Flickr pool, all photos of lunches people have packed in their Mr. Bento boxes? Really fun.


Oh, I had missed that-it's great. Everyone should check out the Flickr pool.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

what a great roundup~ now I have to spend the next hour hopping around the blogs.


Hi Lindy
I sent you my entry, but I wrote the email address from memory, so probably all wrong
here it is:
I love the roundup, and now that you vouch for it, will definitely make those chickpeas inmediately


Fantastic round-up!
Thanks for extending the date....

the chocolate lady (eve)

Ah, now I'm hooked on the bento blogs. It is a slippery slope. Do you notice how the container can inspire so much creative energy? It reminds me of a passage in The Girl of the Limberlost when our gal gets a new lunchbox and her heretofore abusive and neglectful mother is somehow compelled to start making these awesome lunches. I will have to reread and blogify.

Once again the key to all of life's questions turns out to be found in children's literature of the nineteenth century Midwest.

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