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June 16, 2007



I enjoy hot soups all year round. I love pea soups, from thick, stand-a-spoon-in-'em types to thin purees, but I tend to think of them as winter soups. This recipe might just change my mind.


BTW, your comment about fresh peas coming out of ears literally almost made coffee come out of my nose literally.


Mmm...that looks good, and I'd love a bowl of it in any weather! About hot foods in hot weather, the whole Indian subcontinent agrees with you: we drink steaming hot tea when it is boiling hot outside, and it is refreshing :)


Kimberly-I'd love to serve you some- especially since I made so much of it.....sometimes I get a bit carried away-I made at least 6 generous servings. I hope I can finish it before I feel like it is coming out of my ears.
Nupur-You know, I think I need to save up and take a visit to that subcontinent, which has produced so many of my favorite people and so much of my favorite food.

Lynn D.

Not only do I like hot (temperature) food in hot weather, I also think hot (chilis!) food helps cool you down in the heat. A blazing curry is just the thing.


I made this for a late lunch today. Lovely, lovely soup, even without the smoked paprika (which I didn't have) or salt (you know). I added a small red hot pepper (lady at the farmers market wasn't sure the variety) for a little kick. Both Paul and I thought it was quite tasty.



Your soup looks beautiful! Did you have it hot, or cold?


Hot today, as it was cool and drizzly out, this being June in Seattle. I'm planning on cold for lunch tomorrow.

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