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July 01, 2007


Lynn D.

Glad you liked it. In addition to being delicious, it renders the broccoli barely recognizable, which can be a bonus for broccophobes.


No not pretty but I can believe good. What I can't believe is you don't like broccoli! You of all people. Well, my brother always said "It takes all kinds to make up the galaxy" and it's prove out again.


Hmm, I still have a bunch of broccoli in the fridge; what would you substitute if you hate anchovies? I sometimes use oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes as a substitute for anchovies; do you think that would work?


Rebecca-I wouldn't, because the thing about the anchovies, is that they totally disappear, physically, and the taste is nothing anchovian-really. Sun dried tomatoes (to me) remain more distinctively themselves, despite long cooking.

There are several vegetable recipes with anchovies where they just add a hint of something complex and salty-no fishiness at all. I think if you can't bear it-I'd just leave them out and add more olives and maybe a drop of Chinese sesame oil for unami-ness.


Or wait, I have it! Capers! A viable substitute for anyone convinced that anchovies will out.


it's the anchovies!
next time...

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