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July 16, 2007


baking soda

Awesome adventure Lindy! Can you elaborate on the flavour of the cheese some more? Maybe compare it, I'd love to know.


I've made ricotta and homemade is so way far better than anything else I've ever had. Now your salata sounds fantastic. And so does the salad.


Wow, I have got to try this. Do you think the basket is a necessary part of the process? Could one continue to let it drain through cheesecloth?


So cool! I have heard so much about Ricotta Salata lately. I am going to have to try it! (Maybe buy it before making it..ha!ha!)


That sounds lovely, but I don't know if my patience is up to it. 3 to 4 weeks? It would really be a struggle with my tendency toward immediate gratification.

Oh, and by the way- have you read Sandor Katz' new book, "Wild Fermentation"? I think you'd like.. basic idea being "radical fairie ferments things in an intentional community in Tennessee and discusses fermention's lessons for everyday life." A little crazy, but very good.

Steamy Kitchen

hmmmm....you are inspiring me to practice the art of patience to make my own cheese....


I am enchanted by your cheese experimentation. I love ricotta salata, and buy tons of it during tomato season, when I use it in a salad of Rozanne Gold's from Recipes 1-2-3 (cubed ricotta salata, cubed fresh tomatoes, orzo). Now I'm longing to try making it myself, but of course I'll have to make a double batch of ricotta so that I'll have some to eat out of hand while I'm waiting for the ricotta salata. :)

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