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July 04, 2007



Oh yes, I'll be trying that! I've got just the skillet, too: my great-grandmother's German pancake skillet, which my mom passed on to me with much love and some reluctance. (It's really just an ordinary cast-iron skillet, but perfectly seasoned and previously only used for the German pancake.)

Thanks for the recipe. And happy Fourth!


i wish i had some corn so i could make this in the morning! it sounds awesome.


Corn is now on my shopping list! Good grief that sounds out of sight good!


Oh yeah. Fresh corn, corn pudding, corn bread -- this are all serious favorites in our household, so your fresh corn bread/pancake/pudding/fritter thingy sounds just about perfect, as soon as corn hits its seasonal height in our neck of the woods. Thanks, Lindy.


And we loved Ratty!!


i'm tagging you (but won't be offended if you don't do it). check out "8 things you didn't know about me" over at eatheregetgas.bravejournal.com.


It's not local-ish corn season here, so I'll have to wait a little while yet to try this. However, we've been all about the cherries recently - and strong coffee and steamed milk are year-round staples, aren't they?


Yeah- This corn was decidedly not local, and I do generaly wait. It wasn't half bad either- very sweet,despite having come (at 10 cents an ear)-from somewhere well south of here. But somehow these new super sweet varieties are (likely this memory is colored by imagination and sentiment) missing something compared to the older types that had to be picked while the pot was boiling to be sweet.


I remember that article! There was also a great recipe for cherry tomatoes with pasta which I still make, and while I'm never going to fry peaches I will be thrilled if someday someone will fry one for me.

The corn looks wonderful and is definitely something I'd make. I'll bet all those crispy bits are beyond delicious.


I was browsing food blogs today and came across yours; I tried the corn skillet thing tonight. It was VERY GOOD. I used it as a dinner side dish, and added a little melted butter to the mix as I was feeling indulgent (cut down on the veg oil to compensate, sort of). Really, really good, and I will definately use this again.
on a side note...my cat really likes corn, which amuses me. he liked this too.

Susan G

Sounds so satisfying! I'm nervous about the skillet in the oven -- how about heating it on top of the stove? My pot holders aren't that good!
Just found you and "Hungry Tiger" tonight! Great blogs: Thanks.

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