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July 22, 2007



when you want to do something totally different - and it's not so much abot the recipe as the new experience and the testing of the iron itself - buy Bruce's Sweet Potato Waffle Mix. ok ok - iknow i know - it's a mix. BUT. it's damn good. really. except the waffle recipe on the bag is all wrong and i have been struggling to get the proportions right. i get it at "the fresh market" a gourmet chain that somehow made it to my neighborhood.

hey - I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! i meant to say that first. very cool indeed.


Thinking they were the best ever eh. Well I've been meaning to try some yeasted waffles, I'll have to look into this.
Have a good trip and enjoy Clem's for barbecue!


Those waffles certainly look good and crisp, light, flavorful certainly sounds good. I find myself getting closer and closer to a waffle iron purchase!

Enjoy your trip. I just drove through State College this weekend on the way to Elk County, PA to visit various in-laws and the high summer Pennsylvania countryside was unbelievably beautiful.

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